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Sell Your Car 2 Jack is your local, trusted car buying service. We offer a hassle free, quick and convenient way to sell your car.

Selling a car isn’t easy. The time it takes, the costs you incur and the difficulties you will face, all add to the hassle of selling a car.

With Sell Your Car 2 Jack, life is much simpler.


To be the nation’s first and only choice, when selling your car.



We aim to provide our service in every major city and surrounding locations in the UK.

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Jack’s Story

Jack's Story

Hi, I’m Jack and I launched Sell Your Car 2 Jack in 2012. After being in the used car industry since 2008, I realised there was an increasing amount of people who needed to sell their car yet were facing numerous problems trying to get it sold… it just wasn’t a simple task.

Now, I know I wasn’t the first to offer a car buying service. There are a number of established companies, which have been offering a car buying service for a number of years on a national level.

However, these national, large car buying companies expanded quickly over a short period of time and I realised that although they were advertising heavily and buying many cars, it was clear many customers weren’t happy with their experience and the service they had to offer. I knew I could offer the same service with an invaluable, personal touch.

I believe that customers like to feel understood, valued and special. When customers feel this way they trust your service, become an ambassador of your brand and recommend you to family and friends.

I realised there was a market for a local, trusted car buyer to serve my hometown of Solihull and surrounding areas... Sell Your Car 2 Jack was born.

We are now a reputable and established brand in our local community. Our success and growth is a direct result of staying true to our core values.

We have exciting expansion plans for the future... We will be offering our service across the UK with a promise to always stand by our values and be YOUR local, trusted car buyer.

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