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Nissan Leaf electric car

Should I Buy An Electric Car?

We’ve bought a few electric cars over the last couple of months, and we’ll be honest – this is a completely new area for us (as it will be for the entire car buying industry) We’ve been doing a lot of research into them recently as there’s an ever-increasing range of electric cars now on the market, which is leading more new car buyers to swap pump for plug!
Metro 114

Unsung heroes: Jack buys little retro Metro

Last month this 21 year old Rover Metro 114 was bought out of our Redditch Branch. Now this little gem isn’t a car you see very often anymore, even though they once littered the streets of blighty!
2017 driving changes

Driving Test Changes in 2017: What You Need to Know

It seems like a lifetime ago since we passed our driving tests but this is important information to note (especially if you have friends/family) who haven’t taken their driving tests yet.
10 Safety tips summer road trip

10 safety tips for your next summer road trip

We love road trips (surprisingly enough because we love cars and we love driving!) Summer road trips around the UK are definitely underrated but are becoming increasingly popular – even on today’s congested roads; the freedom, the sense of adventure, the sheer joy of the road unfolding before you are all very exciting.

Why Yvonne sold her car 2 Jack and not Jaguar

Our #Sellerstory of the week… Yvonne Jones just sold her Jaguar to Jack. Yvonne first of all, went to her supplying Jaguar dealer to sell, however they refused to buy the car as their company policies do not allow them to buy family bereavement vehicles without meeting certain paperwork criteria.
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