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Beware: 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Selling Your Car Privately Online

Why you should not sell your car online - Ebay, Autotrader and Gumtree. Sell your car online. Sell your car Birmingham. Sell your car "2 jack. Sell Car. Car for cash1. Advertising costs

Advertising in paper, magazines and online can be an expensive and tricky process.

The cost to list an advert on an online website to showcase the sale of your car is circa £40, this is usually for 2-3 weeks advertising, after which if your car has not sold, guess what? You pay again with still no guarantee of selling your car.

2. You have no idea who you are dealing with

There are no recommendations online for individual buyers so how do you know someone is going to be legit?!
Inviting complete strangers into your home, which you would never do on a day to day basis, is necessary when it comes to selling a car online…you don’t really have much of a choice. The motor trade has many undesirable characters lurking around ready to take advantage of the unassuming individual.

3. Unsecure payment and scams

Do you really want to count 1000’s of £’s in cash, not knowing that some of them may be fake. Once the money has exchanged, the person who has just bought the car knows you have the money in your house – this could easily lead to a snatch and grab style robbery later on that evening. Also online payments and scams are unfortunately very common on Auto trader and eBay with spurious Paypal notifications.

Click here for an earlier blog that I wrote on the “419 Nigerian scam” which are really rife in the online trading world.

4. Time consuming

Did you know that, on average, to privately sell your car, it takes 34.5 days?

Often people don’t have the luxury of time, especially if you have a job/business/family and you need a quick sale on your car. Do you really want to spend your days off waiting for people to view your car? Many people don’t even turn up, and if they do they usually have 2-3 other cars lined up to view (and only after taking up an hour of your time do they tell you this!)

5. Unnecessary hassle

When selling privately you must ensure that your car is up to scratch and there are lots of things to take in to consideration. This includes the advertising, valeting your car, taking photos, uploading them to your computer, writing an advert, taking calls and viewings. You could be spending that and time and effort doing something much more worth your while.

6. Costly pre-sale car prep

With the huge choice of cars out there you need to make sure your car is up to standard. Scratches, partial history, MOT due are all good enough reasons for a potential customer to walk away and see another car. You will need to spend money on getting your car up to retail standard if you want a quick sale, if not then people will turn up, waste an hour of your time and probably not buy your car due to a “number” or things that need repairing.

7. Finance

If you have outstanding finance on your vehicle this scares a lot of customers. There is only 1 real way of selling a car privately with outstanding finance and that is to clear the outstanding finance so it does not show on HPI / Experian. Of course if you don’t have the money you are in a sticky situation and may face paying another 1, 2 or 3 months rental due to the lack of interest in the sale of your car.

8. Post sale liability

If for some reason you have not disclosed information to the buyer at point of sale (history, damage, MOT etc) and something goes wrong, then you could be liable even if you have already exchanged the car for cash. Online services such as EBay/Gumtree do have buyer protection so just beware of this.

9. No guarantee of sale

A pretty self-explanatory point. After all of that time, effort and money, there is literally no guarantee that your car will even sell.

10. Have to be organised

When selling your car online, you are responsible for making and booking appointments with potential buyers which, if you are time poor, can be a bit of a nightmare. You don’t have the option to just call up the buyer or drop in to sell your car on your terms when selling online, however you can do exactly that with Jack!

We are often left to pick up the pieces after customers have spent so much time and money trying to sell their car privately on these websites. This is why we want to make you aware of the above factors, if you are deciding which avenue to go down.

Here are some of our favourite customers who we have had the pleasure of helping after they suffered some bad experiences when trying to sell their car online…

Trisha Grant –
“I sold my car to Jack last week and was very impressed. Couldn’t believe how fast the process was. He paid via secure online banking and it was in my account immediately. Forget auto trader wasting your time, and sellyourcar2jack. Thanks Jack”

Kamrin Yasmin –
“Got in touch with Jack was given an appointment the very next day after trying to sell it privately for weeks! 
Had sold the car and been paid a price I was happy with in about 30mins! Highly recommended!”

Callum Conway-
“I have been trying to sell my car for months and it was so stressful and I wasted a lot of time and money. It’s hard to trust buyers and they can find it hard to trust you and I was constantly being let down, but I have spoke to jack on one occasion and organised a meeting. Within half an hour my car was sold at a great price. It was a straightforward, honest and fair deal and everything jack said he explained and made very clear. So I can most definitely say it was a pleasure doing business with sell your car to jack and I highly recommend their services.”

We hope you find this information informative. If you are still unsure, Jack is happy to have a non-obligatory chat and he can answer any of your concerns.

You are also welcome to Click Here to use our free online service where Jack will personally give you a valuation of your car.


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