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Why we gave Roger more money for his car than when he bought it brand new.

This is definitely our #sellerstory of the month and one of our favourites – being from Solihull and having a soft spot for Land Rover!

Roger used to work as an engineer for Land Rover and had the Defender as a company car – brand new in 2015 (great pick!)

He left Land Rover as an engineer and became an Experience driver for them on the Jungle Track!

Now, a few years later, Roger wanted to sell his Defender and it is actually the only car we have ever bought that has gone up in value since he purchased it.

Aside from the fact it only had 15000 miles on it as a 15 plate, we don’t need to tell you that the Defender was considered the best off roader ever built – hence being used in the military. Land Rover have stopped making Defender’s now too so they are worth a lot more money than they used to be as they are verging on being a classic car.

Here’s Roger’s review of selling his car to us:

“Very friendly team. Good price paid for my vehicle with very quick transfer of money directly to my bank account. Overall a very good experience without the usual trader hassle.

Would use them again.”


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