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How to save big bucks by selling your car before March

The next car plate period, now just a few weeks away, can be a blessing or a curse depending on when you decide to buy or sell your car.Sell your car

On March 1st we will welcome the 16 plates and the 65 will no longer be the most recent plate out on the market. This means that literally your car will appear 6 months older in one day…

How does the plate system work?

In the current plate system, there are 3 significant sections. The first two letters indicate where in the UK the vehicle was registered.

Next, the third and fourth digits are known as the ‘age identifier.’ These are changed every 6 months – on the 1st of March and September. In March the digits will be the same as the last 2 digits of the year – hence this coming March (2016) the new plate will be 16. In September, 50 is added to this number (so the September plate this year will be 66).

The last 3 digits are chosen at random and have no real relevance.

So when should I buy a car?

If you want to buy a brand new car with the latest number plate then it is advised to wait until March or September however if you are looking for a used bargain then it is best to buy earlier. You will want to start looking to buy now, before the newest plates are released.

When should I sell my current car?

The best time to sell your current car is before the new plates are released in March. On the 1st of March due to the new number plates hitting the market, your car will automatically depreciate in value and therefore you will not get as much money for your car compared to if you had sold it prior to this date.

For example – if you wish to sell a 2013 13 Fiat 500 with 20,000 miles now, you would be looking at around £5250. However if you wait until March when the 16 plate is released, this car automatically becomes 6 months older and would be worth around £4500 literally over night a £750 drop.

Getting a good deal on a new or used car really does depend on the time of the year. We will be giving you more tips soon on other months to look out for when it comes to buy or selling your car however being clever at this time of the month can see you saving hundreds, if not thousands on buying a used car.

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