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How to protect yourself against cloned number plates

One in 12 cars have cloned number plates. Cаr cloning is the vehicle еquіvаlеnt оf іdеntіtу theft. There are аѕ mаnу as 10,000 сlоnеd cars on UK rоаdѕ, but ѕtіll mаnу реорlе аrе unaware of the problem аnd еvеn the роlісе admit thеу don’t know thе true ѕсаlе оf it.
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8 Cheap Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Car

Most of us car owners spend a lot of time in our vehicles. I’m no fan of keeping up with the Jones’s but there’s always a temptation to trade the old run around in for a brand spanking new one because our car is something we can (and should) be proud of.
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How Do I Extend The Life Of My Car? Top Tips From 3 Million-Mile Drivers…

While you don’t have the ability to control the cost of fuel, repairs nor insurance rates, one thing you do have control over is making your car last longer and maintaining its value.
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Beware: 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Selling Your Car Privately Online

As tempting as it is to sell your car online yourself, with the hope that you will get more money for your car than if you were to sell it through a car buying company or even by part exchanging it, there are a lot of hassles and hidden costs that you need to be aware of.

13 Plate Cars – Get one to save £1000’s

“13” plate cars – Lucky for some?             Buy a “13” plate registered car before the “63” plate comes out in September and you could save £1000’s.