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Richards #sellerstory on why he sold his car 2 Jack

Richard first contacted Jack in December 2016 after the price he was offered was not expected from the quotes he had received off other dealers.

The reason for this surprising figure was the the VW Passat R36 V6 Estate was an extremely rare vehicle.

So rare there was only 3 advertised in the country.

After some hard work, Jack managed to get a price for Richard over £3000 more than the main dealer VW offered.

It wasn’t long before Richard drove his rare R36 over to Jacks HQ to secure the deal.

Proof that using a local, professional can pay off. This also proves that you need to do your shopping around in order to find the best deal, if there is something special about your car, it’s always best to call us and we can find the best price for you.

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