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Why Yvonne sold her car 2 Jack and not Jaguar

Our #Sellerstory of the week…

Yvonne Jones just sold her Jaguar to Jack.

Yvonne first of all, went to her supplying Jaguar dealer to sell, however they refused to buy the car as their company policies do not allow them to buy family bereavement vehicles without meeting certain paperwork criteria.

Having been recommended by a previous customer of Sell Your Car 2 Jack, Yvonne chose to sell to us.

The paperwork Yvonne had was more than sufficient for us to make a quick direct transfer. Another happy customer using our local, trusted service.

Here’s what Yvonne had to say:

“Top Dollar!

Both Jack and his colleague were fantastic! Superb service and so quick I hardly had time to drink my tea! They made everything so easy, I would certainly recommend them to anyone without reservation.”

If you are unfortunate enough to have a close family member pass away and you’re unsure of what you can do with their car then click here to read our blog.


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