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Jack Raison

Jack Raison - Head honcho

I’m the CEO of Sell Your Car 2 Jack and I founded the business in 2012. This business is everything to me, I am passionate about the brand and have worked extremely hard in getting it right. I am involved in every aspect of the operation (except valeting) and always love to know exactly what is going on. I have a great vision for the future of the business and hope you can become a part of the journey.

Read my story to understand why I started this business.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith - All about #customerlove

I’m Jack’s right hand man and actively involved with every aspect of the business. Jack and I go way back having initially met at school. I’ve witnessed Sell Your Car 2 Jack go from strength to strength and was delighted when Jack asked me to be a part of it.

Customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. I’m passionate about understanding our customer’s needs and engaging with you on a personal level either via phone call, direct email or face to face. Happy customers are what I like to see which is why I’m all about #customerlove.

Dan Green

Daniel Green - Car Buyer

Having worked with BMW and Land Rover for the last 17 years I have a wealth of experience in the used car industry. I am truly excited to be working with the Sell Your Car 2 Jack team as a senior car buyer and will be assisting in the support, training and development as we expand.

John Raison

John Raison - The wise old man

I’m Jack’s Dad and I’m here to keep the boys in check! Having worked in the car industry for over 40 years I’ve seen it all and have many past experiences which assist Jack and the team. The internet, the online world still baffles me and the lads educate me on a daily basis with click through rates, conversions and PPC campaigns - they get annoyed when I use a post it note and a pen and say why didn't you use the app for that? - Call me old school I’m happy with that.

Laura Hanlon

Laura Hanlon - Loves the social

My role is to make sure that we keep connected with our followers on all social media channels. I write monthly blogs on industry tips, tricks and advice and it’s me that’s responsible for your monthly newsletter (you’re welcome). Photos, videos, infographics and life hacks are all my domain and I want to keep you updated at all times on a social level.

Chloe Bodard

Chloe Bodard - SEO with style

I make sure that your website experience is world class! I’m a bit of a computer geek and love the stats. We provide all of our customers with a fantastic service and it’s my job to ensure you can find us easily online. Jack and I occasionally have a difference of opinion (to put it nicely) and I have remind him to stick to what you’re good at.

Imtiaz Ilahi

Imtiaz Ilahi - The Money Man

I look after the financial side of Sell Your Car 2 Jack and have been on board since the start. One of our key differences between us and our competitors is that we pay immediately. It is the sole reason we have “faster payments” set up so your money is in your account as fast as possible. Alongside the number crunching, I am always involved in new ideas and marketing strategies to help the business grow and serve a wider community.

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