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Guaranteeing fair pricing in the motor industry can be tough, especially in a market full of unscrupulous characters trying to rip you off. If you are new to selling your car then you may well get abused for your naivety and you may be unaware of all of the avenues available to you when it comes to car sales; from auctions, private sales to part-exchanging your old car against a much newer model.

If you choose to sell privately in the hope of securing big bucks for your car then it is often a lot more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll waste a lot of money on advertising and time on the usual selection of tyre-kickers who just want to test drive and never get close to buying. Then there is the issue of not being paid on time and having to chase to get the agreed money which all leaves you wishing you could have gone for the easier options.

Because of these reasons, thousands of UK motorists now turn to a professional car buying service. At we pride ourselves in making the process as quick and simple as possible so you don’t have to waste your time or your money – a luxury that most people don’t have to just throw away.

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