Year: 2016

How to get spray paint or graffiti off a car

Let’s hope you never have to get spray paint off your car, but on the off chance that you do—perhaps after somebody had a little too much fun on Halloween — or perhaps you cheated on your partner like the person above!! Either way, it’s not a pleasant surprise! If you discover it early in the morning when the dew is still on the car and the paint is damp, you might just have a chance at getting it off without having to take the car into an auto body shop. Here are some things you can try: 1. Treat

8 Cheap Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Car

Most of us car owners spend a lot of time in our vehicles. I’m no fan of keeping up with the Jones’s but there’s always a temptation to trade the old run around in a brand spanking new one because our car is something we can (and should) be proud of. Instead of purchasing a new vehicle every couple of years though, it’s far more cost efficient to keep the old one. If you’re a bit embarrassed about it’s condition then there are many things you can do it improve it and make your car look like new again. Here

Driving Through Floods: Top Tips And Best Cars

With heavy rain causing flooding across parts of the world, how can you stay safe and avoid an expensive insurance claim? While many cars will get through quite severe floods, there are a number of dangers. In addition to shorted-out electrics, there is a risk of the engine sucking in water which, being in-compressible, will smash connecting rods, pistons and even crankshafts. If the water is fast-moving, there is also a risk that the car could be carried off into deeper flood water with you inside. So what should you do when you meet a flood? First things first, you