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13 Plate Cars – Get one to save £1000’s

“13” plate cars – Lucky for some?








Buy a “13” plate registered car before the “63” plate comes out in September and you could save £1000’s.

As you are probably aware the “13” plate was released in March 2013, so you may have seen some on our roads. However there was  some controversy about the move to the “13” plate as some were concerned about it on a superstitious level as the number “13” carries a rather unique and unfortunate infamy as an unlucky number to use and carry.

Did you know: 1 in 10 people asked, believed that having “13” on their number plate would bring bad luck, carrying the fear known as Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13). Also nearly 33% of people asked in a national survey revealed that they would be reluctant to buy a “13” plate car, not for the fear of bad luck but for the potential hindrance it my cause when they come to sell the vehicle on in the future.

So this can only mean 1 thing, 13 plate cars haven’t sold quite as well as they should of done if it were a number not resembling bad luck or superstitious concern. With the new “63” plate being released on cars from September 1st 2013, there is potentially a large number of of pre-registered “13” plate cars knocking around. These are taking up space an loosing money every day they sit outside main dealer forecourts. These MUST be shifted before the “63” plate is released in just over 1 months time.

Which means good news for new car buyers – cher-ching! If you are considering buying a brand new car (and are not superstitious about the number 13) then during August 2013 main dealer outlets will be offering huge discounts on these cars to get rid of the “dreaded 13” and to make way for the “63” plate cars in September.

So now you have a bit of inside ammo when you hit them swanky showrooms. Use this knowledge to your advantage, they may feed you a typical salesman line to try and get the most money out of you as possible, but remember they need you more than you need them. You could walk out of that showroom with a brand new 13 plate car, with £1000’s saved in your pocket and a priceless smirk on your face as you will have the upper hand if you buy a new car this August 🙂

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