What is the best car colour to hold its resale value?

Pink car in front of a monochrome house

Car colour may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are considering buying a new car. But, if like most people, you intend to upgrade your car every few years, then it is financially savvy.

As new car buyers, it is wise to think about the current popular car colours, as the resale value of your car will be affected by your choice of paint colour. It is not only the car colour but how that colour complements the style and shape of the car. A sporty soft top will carry off a colour that wouldn’t work on a luxury estate car, so make sure the colour works on the model of the car.

Don’t just buy what you like, but consider the resale value of your car colour choice

When we are buying new cars we tend to choose what we like. Cars can be expressions of ourselves, we make a statement about our personality, who we are, and our personal taste, with the car that we drive. So, when we are choosing car colours we will be thinking about what it says about us, rather than about the resale value at a later date. It is possible to respray cars, so you could always keep this as a consideration. However, if you have a car resprayed, it is important to have a good quality spray job, as a poorly done paint job will severely impact the value of your car, no matter the colour of the car.

If you are buying for resale then choose these popular car colours

Sensible sober car colours tend to be the best choice when you are looking for a good resale value. The UK’s favourite car colour is currently grey, having knocked black off the top spot for new car sales, but sticking to those discreet car colours such as black, grey, white, silver, and blue will be a safe bet. One in five of all new cars sold are grey, so this popular car colour looks set to continue its dominance across car colours. While it costs more initially, metallic paint is extremely popular, so grey metallic paint would be a popular colour and a good choice for future car sales. This popular car colour while being more expensive does hold its value well, so will command a higher price when you come to sell your car on, thereby making it worth the initial extra spend.

Different types of car suit different car colours

However, having just advised sticking to somber colours, the caveat to this is, that different cars do suit different colours. So, if you are buying a large estate, family-type car, executive saloon, or luxury car, then stick to the sensible car colours, but if you are buying sports cars, city cars, or hot hatches, then you can go a little wild. Sporty models look fantastic in brighter and more eye-catching car colours, such as red, or orange, your Audi TT will look brilliant in a vibrant paint colour. Hot hatches can look striking in brighter colours, though it depends on their size, the smaller models carry off colours such as British racing green, blue, orange, or yellow better than the larger models. Small city cars pull off vibrant colours, green or red are popular car colours for these small cars. That being said, sporty and city cars do look good in the more somber colours, such as the ever-popular grey, and these are still the best car colours for a safe bet when reselling your car. Curiously, white cars are the safest, with them being 10% less likely to be in an accident. This is presumably due to the increased high visibility of a white car, for other drivers, especially at dusk, or during nighttime driving.

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