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In these times of rising prices, we at Sell Your Car 2 Jack, are here to help. There are many ways to save money on your driving costs, and we will give you our top tips to save you money.

Make your hard-earned cash work harder by being a smart shopper and thinking outside the box. We have researched the best apps to compare the latest fuel prices across the country, as well as offering you other good tips to keep your driving costs to a minimum.

Start with making sure you have an economical car

It isn’t only the cost of the fuel that you put in your vehicle that makes a difference, but the vehicle itself. You may love driving your V8 but if you are faced with a lengthy commute it may be guzzling your hard-earned cash at an alarming rate before you even make it to work. If you are thinking that changing cars might be the most effective way to save money, then we can help. We will give you a price within 24 hours, and the money in your pocket within 20 minutes, with no admin fees, so that you can upgrade to a car with better fuel economy and save money. We can make you a good offer even on an older diesel car, giving you the option to upgrade to a more fuel efficient car. Don’t just take our word for it, but check out our reviews on Trust Pilot and our reviews page.

How to drive more efficiently

Even if you have decided that the best way to save money on your driving costs is to upgrade your petrol or diesel vehicle, it is still worth following our top tips for driving efficiently to save even more money. Fuel prices are high, and savings made by thoughtful driving will be felt in your pocket. Drive smoothly. Every time you aggressively accelerate or brake heavily you are literally burning money. Gentle acceleration and braking will reduce your fuel consumption. Plan your route. Idling in traffic is very bad for your fuel economy. Leaving work earlier or later can reduce your commute time dramatically, saving you money on your petrol and diesel, as well as reducing your frustration at being stuck in rush-hour traffic. Often changing your journey time by 15 minutes can make a huge difference.

Check your car isn’t costing you money

It is not only your driving that can cost you money but your car. Other than the obvious suggestion of swapping your petrol and diesel cars for electric cars, how you keep the car that you have will make a difference. Check your tyre pressures. Driving with under or over-inflated tyres will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car, and increase your fuel consumption. Empty your car. If your boot is full of unnecessary clutter, you are simply adding to the weight of your car which will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. On the same theory, don’t fill your tank to the brim as the fuel itself is heavy. Removing your roof rack when it is not being used will help to improve fuel efficiency, as will only using your air-conditioning at low speeds.

Top three best fuel price apps

So, you have changed your car, you have changed your driving style and you have reduced the weight in your car. Other than not using your car, which isn’t a practical solution for most of us, the next step is to pay attention to fuel prices. Now we know that people don’t have the time (or the fuel!) to drive around fuel stations to compare petrol and diesel prices, so we have researched some of the best apps out there to compare fuel prices for you.

  • Petrol Prices App
  • This is consistently well-rated as an app to help you to get the best UK fuel prices. It is a free app and it is available to download here. Prices fluctuate greatly even at local stations, so being able to check out the cheapest petrol near your home every time you go to fill up will save you money. If you are planning a longer journey, the Petrol Prices app covers 8,500 fuel stations across the UK, so that you can plan ahead and review petrol stations in new or unfamiliar destinations, to make sure you are not paying premium fuel prices. Users submit reviews and report fuel prices, as well as missing or incorrect prices, which means that the information on this app should always be reliable and up to date.
  • WhatGas Petrol Prices App
  • Ideal for anyone who drives further afield. This app boosts an impressive 50,000 petrol stations across multiple countries. If you are planning overseas road trips, it can help you to plan your route, show you the nearest petrol stations, and help you find the best fuel prices for your journey. This is another free app, and you can find the information to download the correct app for your phone here.
  • CoPilot App
  • Although this is a paid app, it is also a mobile sat-nav, which has won various Autotrader awards. It shows you the petrol stations on your route and compares fuel prices all in one package. So, if you are already investing in a sat-nav, then save money on your purchase by choosing one that checks your fuel prices, along with your route. You can learn more about the CoPilot app here.

Save money and sell your car to us today

Realistically, however careful you are. However, gently you brake, however much you empty rubbish from your car, or choose wisely which petrol stations you frequent if you have an uneconomical car it will cost you money. Sometimes the best way you can save money is to change your vehicle to a more economical one. Whether you have decided to go electric, or simply choose a vehicle with better fuel economy, we can help. The first hurdle in upgrading your car is always selling your old one. When you come to Sell Your Car 2 Jack, we appreciate that you want a clear, straightforward cash offer, with no hidden admin costs, from a trustworthy company. This is exactly what we deliver. Simply get in touch today, and start saving money tomorrow. Our friendly team are ready to buy your car today with no admin fees, simply call us on 0121 296 3829