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The Best-Selling Cars of 2017

As we’re now well into the New Year, we thought we would do a recap of the best-selling cars of 2017. Naturally a lot of these cars are the most common models that we buy from our customers too.

There are a lot of the more established brands and models dominating the top 10 list of best selling cars however there are some newer additions to our roads that are growing in popularity and sold well in 2017.

The UK’s best-selling cars are normally easy to predict and it’s no surprise that the Ford Fiesta takes the top spot, as it has done almost continuously for a decade, while the remainder of the top ten is filled with classic hatchbacks and fashionable crossovers.

Top 10 best-selling cars of 2017 revealed

1. Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been a British favourite for decades and there are no signs of it slowing down despite the latest version being eight years old. It’s clearly still one of the UK’s favourite supermini’s as hundreds of thousands of motorists have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash on a Fiesta, including over 83,000 of us in 2017.

Best selling cars 2017

2. Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is another hugely popular name in the motoring world (even with the recent emission scandal!) It was actually the best selling car of August 2017 although it ended up settling at second place.

Best selling cars 2017

3. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is the company’s core family car, but it has a reputation for being great fun to drive.

The current model hasn’t strayed too far from the formula, remaining reasonably practical, good-looking and most importantly great to drive…Chances are you know at least one person who has one.

Ford focus

4. Nissan Qashqai

No surprise here as this has been wildly popular since it launched.

The Nissan Qashqai is the car that started the trend for mainstream family SUVs and, as hard as it is to believe now, it was seen as something of a gamble when it was first introduced in 2007.

Nissan Qashqai

5. Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa takes the number 5 spot on the list which is surprising as it finished up number 2 in 2016 on the best selling car list but dropped down to 7th position in February 2017. Still a competitively priced, reliable car that will no doubt continue to do well in 2018.

Vauxhall Corsa

6. Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra’s value for money and unpretentious versatility has made it a popular car for a lot of Brit’s. In fact if you asked most people to take a seat in one, they would feel at home. It has been around now for over 36 years and a whopping quarter of all licence holders in this country have owned or regularly driven one… a pretty impressive stat from Vauxhall!

7. Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen’s supermini offers a touch more class and sophistication than the Fiesta and Corsa, albeit at a higher price. Buyers clearly like the Polo’s blend of image, well-built cabin and space. Plus, it’s also great to drive.

Volkswagen polo

8. Mercedes Benz C-Class

It’s unusual for a premium car such as the Mercedes C Class to sneak its way into the top 10 best selling cars however it was of no great surprise being in the top ten sellers of 2016 at position 9. We suspect a lot of the success is down to fleet and business sales.

Top 10 cars 2017

9. Mini

Another iconic British car with no surprise it being in the top 10 last year. The Mini moved back into ninth place, retaking the place from the Mercedes A-Class in June. The Mini is a top 10 regular on the best selling car charts and we suspect it will be back ranking highly in 2018.

Top 10 cars 2017 mini

10. Mercedes Benz A-Class

Rounding off the top ten is the Mercedes A-Class hatch – the second Mercedes on the best selling cars of 2017 list. Again, a popular choice for fleet buyers which rapidly bumps up the sales.

Mercedez A Class

So there are the top 10 best-selling cars of 2017.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of any help by getting in touch, and if you are thinking about selling your car, just pop in your reg number here and get a quote from Jack!

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