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Birmingham Congestion Charges: What You Need to Know

A Birmingham city centre congestion charge is coming…

Birmingham City Council has outlined its plans for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) surrounding the city centre.

Initially the plan was just to charge commercial vehicles which bring more pollution such as vans, lorries and buses, however now it looks like heavy polluting private cars will also be charged due to the levels of pollution being higher than initially thought!

Under the plans, owners of higher polluting vehicles entering the city centre within the A4540 middle ring road will be charged from January 2020.

By cleaning up the air in Birmingham, the city council will prevent an estimated 900 premature deaths a year and avoid a £60 million fine.

But what is a congestion charge and how will it affect you?

We’ve had a look at some of the key questions and answers (even thought a lot of the facts have not yet been announced – stay tuned!)

What is a congestion charge?

A congestion charge is designed to discourage motorists from driving within typically congested areas and reduce lethal levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution within the city centre.

Will it affect me?

We have yet to find out exactly how far this will go. The proposals are a penalty for vehicles with high Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions – if approved, it will apply to some diesel vehicles registered before September 2015 and some petrol vehicles registered before January 2006.

Where will it be?

Polluting cars entering the city centre within the A4540 Middle Ring Road will be charged – the area bordered by Belgrave Middleway, Lawley Middleway, Ladywood Middleway, New Street, John Street, Newtown Middleway, Dartmouth Circus as pictured below (Image source: Birmingham Mail)

Birmingham congestion charges

Cars travelling on the ring road will not be charged but those using the A30, even if they are not stopping in the city centre will be charged.

How much will it cost?

No final charges have been confirmed but the fees in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone have been used as a guide to show people what to expect.

The London congestion charge for cars is £11.50 per day however there are discounts for residents within the zone, disabled blue badge holders and others and larger vehicles will incur a higher charge.

A final figure is expected to be announced in September.

How do I pay?

Vehicles entering the ring road will be picked up by an automatic number plate recognition camera so there won’t be any barriers or toll booths. Those who do incur charges will be able to pay online or via a telephone line and will face fines of £120 if they fail to pay.

However, people will not pay for vehicles that fall below the emissions standard if they are parked within the emission zone all day but are not turned on.

We hope this explanation has been helpful!

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