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Buy a used car in December rather than January – the savings will cover Christmas

Buying a car in December rather than waiting until next year could potentially making you enough of a saving to cover Christmas. It is a fact

that the motor industry struggles in December with people spending money on mince pies, presents, alcohol and family time. So it is no wonder dealers have to slash their prices throughout December in order to cover their overheads. Then in January prices are ramped back up as people want to seek out a new motor for the new year ahead.


This seasonal rollercoaster for supply and demand has a direct impact on the prices of used cars, meaning savvy buyers can save between £500-£1000 buying now, as advised by industry experts CAP HPI. This is a summarised price across all price points and may not apply to every vehicle however there are certainly going be some good deals out there for some.


Philip Nothard, CAP retail and consumer specialist, said: ‘The influence of what we call “seasonality” may already be familiar to the more savvy buyer.


‘Some take advantage of it by purchasing their four-wheel-drive in the height of summer and sell it again when others are contemplating how they’ll get through another snow-bound winter.


‘Another trick is buying a good old “rag-top” when it’s cold and wet, rather than when demand shoots up with the approach of spring.


‘The trick is to go against the trend and buy when other people aren’t looking for the same thing – and that means December can be a brilliant time to change your car.


‘Our figures show the potential savings for motorists who bought last December instead of waiting until January were significant.


‘These savings may not seem gigantic in comparison to the overall cost of the car, but the clever buyer knows that a few hundred pounds are not to be scoffed at.’


In terms of new cars, experts at valuation specialists Parkers say many dealerships discount their cars heavily at this time of year in order to improve sales figures and also to clear the way for models arriving in the New Year.


According to data, new car sales in December usually run at just a third of normal levels, meaning haggling could result in huge discounts.



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