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How can I tell when my car is coming to the end of it’s life?

There comes a point in the life of most cars when their maintenance requires more money, time and effort than the actual worth of the car and even the sturdiest of vehicles will eventually wear out and you will need to accept that it’s time to purchase a new car.

But when is the right time to wave goodbye to your car?

Here are a few signs that to help you work out exactly when your car is coming to the end of it’s life.

1. If repairs cost more than your car is worth

This is perhaps the most obvious reason and if you’re faced with a £2000 repair bill for a car that is only worth £900 then it maybe isn’t the best idea to fork out for repairs. You can also do the ‘tyre test’ on your car, when it comes to fitting new tyres on the vehicle, ask yourself if the car is worth the cost of a whole new set of tyres?

If the answer is “no”, then you should definitely think about purchasing a new one.

2. If safety is becoming an issue

No matter how well maintained your car is, over time it could eventually become unsafe. Not only will the car become unreliable and prone to breakdown, which could leave you stranded but older cars do not have many of the advanced safety features that can be found in newer model cars such as rear-view cameras, forward collision alert or side airbags.

Whilst these safety features are optional and not necessary, if you or the passengers in your car do not feel 100% safe, then it is time for an upgrade.

3. If your mileage is high

You should really pay attention to your mileage marker. The higher the mileage, the higher the chance that your car has had its fair share of wear and tear and may cause you problems and cost you more in the future.

If your car has more than 100,000 miles, you may want to consider selling it rather than investing in the repairs that a high mileage will inevitably cause.

4. If the cost of insurance keeps rising

It’s a well known fact that older cars are more expensive to insure. You may have a spotless driving record, but the older your car is, the higher the annual insurance premiums rise.

Paying attention to the insurance on your car is just as important as the day-to-day operating costs such as fuel and repairs.

5. If you’re spending more time at the petrol pump

The older the car, the less fuel efficient it is and the cost of frequent trips to the petrol station will quickly add up. As a general rule of thumb and of course depending on the amount that you are driving per week, if you find yourself having to fill up your tank more than twice a week then you should strongly consider upgrading your car to a newer model.

We hope that these tips have been helpful and would encourage you to take a look at your own car and assess whether selling it on would be a better option for you than forking out on repairs…

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