Cars are getting bigger, but what about parking spaces?

cars getting bigger tyre to tyre

How easy do you find it to get out of your car?

Have you noticed when you go to get out of your vehicle in a car park, it seems harder? You might put it down to bad parking, or your bad back, but actually it is due to the increasing sizes of modern cars. Whilst modern cars are getting bigger, car park spaces are determinedly remaining the same size, giving us less and less room to maneuver ourselves out of our new larger cars. If you have a poorly parked vehicle in the adjoining space, you can really struggle to get out of your vehicle, or indeed back in. If you have mobility issues and need more space, you might find it even harder.

Why are cars getting bigger?

There are many answers to the question – “why are cars getting bigger?” Firstly, many things are getting bigger; we have bigger televisions and bigger houses, and we are statistically bigger than our predecessors. New cars are vastly safer than cars from the 1970s. Modern safety features include crumple zones, crash structures, airbags, and many other safety additions. Crumple zones, for example, have become one of the common safety features, but these crumple zones sometimes require larger cars, in order to have the space to crumple. These changes in design, which are much needed, and have massively increased road safety, have contributed towards the increased size of the average car. We spend more and more time in our cars, they have more technology and more use than they did 50 years, and all of these additions require extra space. We use our cars far more than we did many years ago, with the average miles travelled per year increasing, though interestingly the average number of people in the car has declined over the same time period.

How big is a modern car?

A modern mini is 55% bigger than its 1970s equivalent. A 1970s Range Rover took up 69% of a parking space, which is the same footprint as the Ford Focus of today. Bear in mind that the guidelines for a parking space, state that it must be no smaller than 8 feet wide, by 16 feet long. Businesses or councils can design car parks with bigger spaces, but as there are more and more vehicles on the road, with more and more car park spaces needed, they tend to aim to fit in as many spaces as possible, rather than consider the impact on drivers of bigger cars. This trend leaves drivers of larger cars, such as SUVs, with vehicles that take up nearly 90% of a car park space – a tight squeeze indeed.

Is it time to downsize your car?

As we know that the answer to the question “Are cars getting bigger?” is resoundingly a “yes”, the next question is what to do about it? The additional safety features in modern cars more than compensate for the increase in size, however, now might be a good time to consider downsizing your car. Bigger cars have many disadvantages. They tend to have worse fuel economy, they are harder to park in public car parks, and are far harder for parking on the street. Small cars are efficient, easy to maneuver, and fun to drive. You may have always had larger cars, but do you actually need one? A small car is an excellent choice in city environments, where bigger cars can be cumbersome and hard work. Consider what car size suits your lifestyle. While it is nice to have cargo space, how often do you really need it? Most cars have clever storage solutions and you may be pleasantly surprised by how roomy a small car can be. Larger cars are not inherently safer, as car makers have extensively researched how to include top-specification safety features in smaller models of cars. So, if you are fed up with struggling in and out of your car when parked, why not make your life easier and downsize your car today?

Why sell your car rather than part-exchange?

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Downsize your car today

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