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Why Joanna & David Chose Us Over Competitors

Why do car buying services always give you a high valuation and then slash £’s off when you physically take your car in to see them?


It sounds bizarre but there is literally no other reason than to just to get you through the door because you think the price you’re going to receive is much higher than what you will actually be offered.

We often get customers coming to us after being frustrated with other such companies and it’s a huge reason why it gives the industry a bad reputation.

Last week I had a lovely couple – Joanna and David come to see me after hearing my ad on the radio and seeing some of our 5 star reviews. They had already received quotes from a few other websites and upon taking their car in for a final valuation, they were offered a considerably lower amount of money than they had first been quoted.

I suppose you could call it a smart move from these companies however it’s very frustrating and time consuming for a customer to take their car somewhere they thought they were going to get a fair (and expected) amount of money for in return.

Joanna and David first took their car to webuyanycar.com who quoted online £4,650. After going in for a physical valuation, the final offer was actually £3,850. A huge difference!

Then they went to wewantanycar.com who quoted online £4,550. The final offer was £4,000 after inspection.

Finally Evans Halshaw (who they originally bought the car off) quoted around £5,000 online and again in person only offered £4,100.

When Joanna and David came to see me (at the end of their tether) – I had quoted online £4,550 and upon final inspection offered them £4,350. The reason for the price drop was that 2x tyres needed changing, and there was a corner scuff on the rear bumper. So £200 is the amount it would cost to rectify those things.

Here’s a chart to show more clearly the differences in the quoted pricing online vs actual…

Car buying company price comparison

Customer service is the most important factor in my business, I want you to leave feeling happy and recommend me to friends and family, so offering a high price just to knock you down is not how I like to do business.

If you want an honest and fair valuation of your car then you can put your details in to our form on the home page www.sellyourcar2jack.com.

I personally value every single car that comes through from the website and I do not inflate pricing only to knock £’s off when you come in for a final inspection. Most of the other websites use an automated system and this is another reason that the pricing is significantly different.

We also have no hidden costs that many other companies don’t tell you about until you get there and we transfer the money in to your back immediately.

Please share this article if you found it useful and get in touch if you have any questions – I am always happy to help.



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