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Diesel Cars – To Sell or not to Sell

Historically, diesel cars were promoted as being more efficient for long journeys and better for the environment due to their superior number of miles to the gallon, and they now account for nearly 50% of all new cars registered in the UK each year. But diesel cars are now being targeted by urban emission charges and tax increases after new pollution research.

Should you sell your diesel car?

Prices of second-hand diesel cars have definitely fallen, but only slightly. And prices still hold well for larger diesel cars due to their strong fuel economy. So, if you’re planning to sell your diesel car, you don’t need to panic as you shouldn’t lose out too much. It’s worth selling an older diesel car pretty quickly as tax and emission charges are only likely to increase on older models.

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Why diesels are still going strong

They’re still a great choice for long journeys and anyone who does over 15,000 miles a year should see a cost saving. They’re also good in rural locations – where, unlike London, there isn’t a focus on urban diesel taxation. Diesel engines are a good choice for SUVs and people carriers as the engine’s torque and power mean the rev’s are low, making a big impact on fuel economy.

Sell Your Car to Jack

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