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Will Diesel Drivers Getting Paid to Scrap Their Cars Be The End of Diesel Cars?

Diesel was once a wonder fuel, which is now turning out to be one of the worst chemicals to inhabit our planet.

It’s hard to believe, as diesel vehicles find themselves thrust into the spotlight of a global urban environment crisis, that not that many years ago – Diesel was hailed as the dream fuel and much better than petrol.

Naturally this encouraged millions of people to go out and buy Diesel cars thinking they were doing the right thing – economically and environmentally.

Government, industry and science united were selling the dream: cars running on diesel would help us cut our CO2 emissions as we eased smoothly into a new eco-friendly age.

No wonder now, there is such a huge outrage as we’re being told the complete opposite.

Air pollution now kills 3.3 million people prematurely every year – more than HIV, malaria and influenza combined – with emissions from diesel engines among the worst culprits – apparently (but who knows what’s actually factual and what’s not!)

A NEW diesel car scrappage scheme could soon be introduced in Britain seeing diesel cars banned but what will it mean for you?

Getting Paid to Scrap Diesel Cars: What is the scheme?

The new scheme hasn’t been announced yet but the Government are planning to roll it out soon – where it will offer discounts to diesel car owners to make them ditch their vehicle for an energy-efficient equivalent.

It is based on a similar scheme in France, which has been successful, where drivers of diesel cars were handed €10,000 ditch their motor and now 100,000 citizens drive an all-electric car. In the UK there are talks of a £2,000 scrappage scheme.

The aim is to reduce air pollution and try and encourage Brits to buy more environmentally-friendly cars.

When will it begin?

Government officials are keen for diesel cars to be removed from British roads by 2030.

A pilot scheme is set to take place in the most-polluted areas of the UK such as London before being implemented nationwide.

What it means for a diesel car driver?

If the legislation comes into place, diesel drivers will be encouraged to part with their car and opt for an electric or hybrid replacement.

It is likely to be heavily incentivised to buy an eco-car with the government offering sizeable discounts to buyers making the switch.

Car buyers in the UK who opt for electric vehicles currently get a £4,500 contribution towards the cost.

As outlined earlier, the new scheme is likely to be based on the system currently in place in France so we can assume that the discounts will be similar.

Diesel motorists will also be forced to cough up £24-a-day within London’s North and South circulars from April 2019, while across the country, drivers could be slapped with a £20 fee in built-up areas.

A new survey has revealed that 15 per cent of diesel owners are definitely getting rid of their motor due to the staggering new costs.

Are we valuing diesel cars much lower now at SYC2J HQ?

Although there are still no solid facts on what’s happening with diesel cars (the government were supposed to announce the scheme officially this week and still haven’t) – diesel cars are still holding their value and we haven’t noticed a price decrease yet.

We’ve been buying diesel cars this week from our customers for a price not too dissimilar to what it would have been before the scheme was announced…so that’s some good news if you are looking to sell your car!

We are getting asked our opinion on this quite a bit at the moment, whether to avoid buying a diesel car or not but at the moment it all seems a bit uncertain so it is hard to say either way. Perhaps the best bet is to await the official Government announcements.

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