All the driving stats you need to know

Car stats including dirving tired statistics

Driving stats are extremely interesting. Whether it is that the majority of accidents happen within 20 miles of our home, or that 60% of people cannot drive without music, the stats around driving are fascinating.

We spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel, and our cars, after our houses, are often the most expensive items that we purchase, so it is important to make sure that you have the best car for your lifestyle and usage. If you need to upgrade your car, then selling your current car is the first step. For an easy way to trade in your current car, speak to the team at Sell Your Car 2 Jack, and get a market-accurate cash offer for your car today.

Driving can be dangerous

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us will ever do, but we do it so regularly that we forget that motor vehicle accidents are common and, can happen to all of us. Statistically, motor vehicle crashes will occur for every driver once every 10 years. Even if you are a very careful and excellent driver, you still can be affected by other people’s risky driving behaviors. Speeding affects road safety and driving above the speed limit is a contributory factor in around 12% of all crashes, while male drivers cause 74% of crashes. Driving sensibly within the speed limit and with due awareness of differing weather conditions, will reduce the likelihood of car accidents. Cars that are extremely fast, with high-performance engines, encourage people to drive faster, and more recklessly, increasing the risk of fatal crashes. All cars have different crash ratings, and this is an important consideration when choosing a new car. If you are thinking about changing your motor vehicle for a safer model then why not take the hassle out of selling your old car, and come to us for an instant cash offer?

How much time do we spend behind the wheel?

Given that we spend so much time behind the wheel, we may as well like our cars. Over our lifetime we will spend almost four years driving, and 10 months of those four years will be spent singing, so make sure your new car has a good music system! Aside from singing, we will spend 732 hours arguing with our passengers, and 14 days taking kids to and from clubs and their friends’ houses. For Londoners with their fantastic public transport, only 29.8% of workers travel by car, compared to 67.1% of workers in other urban areas. If you are moving to an area with excellent public transport you may be thinking about selling your car, and we can help. Or if you are moving into the countryside, you may need to upgrade to a more suitable car for the rural environment, and a quick sale may be just what you need.

Age is on your side

Road safety statistics show that young drivers are the most dangerous. Young drivers in the first year that they pass their test, are most at risk from motor vehicle accidents. As you get older you do become more sensible and better at spotting potential accidents or aggressive driving, which can help to drive safely and prevent motor vehicle crashes. Whilst age makes a difference, distracted driving crashes also account for many road traffic crashes. Distracted driving varies from the obvious – screaming children, to the absurd – changing clothes while driving (an incredible 35% of people across 6 countries admit to doing this.) According to statistics compiled by TeenSafe, the longest you can take your eyes safely off the road is 2 seconds. On average it takes 5 seconds to send a text, which shows why the law around mobile phone usage was changed.

But, don’t drive tired

Legislating against driving whilst being tired is harder. Lorry drivers have a legal limit placed on the hours that they can drive, however, members of the public are expected to self-regulate. Given that a study by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety in 2016 found that a quarter of all fatal crashes were caused by people falling asleep at the wheel, tiredness is a major contributor to deadly motor vehicle crashes. Tiredness also affects our reaction time, so we are less likely to react to changes ahead, which means we are more likely to be involved in road traffic crashes when tired. If you are tired, pull over and have a nap, don’t risk motor vehicle crashes by driving when tired.

Why use Sell Your Car 2 Jack

When you consider the amount of time that we spend driving and how dangerous it can be, choosing a suitable and reliable car that fits our lifestyle is incredibly important. Whilst your choice of motor vehicle can’t often prevent car accidents, having an up to date car with modern safety systems can greatly mitigate injury to you and your loved ones. Of course, upgrading your car can be time-consuming and tedious. With Sell Your Car 2 Jack, we can take the hassle out of selling your current car. We offer quick cash offers, with no admin fees, which is why we are highly rated by our customers on Trust Pilot and our reviews page. With cash in your pocket, you will then be in a good buying position to upgrade your car.

The best time to upgrade your car is today

If you are looking to upgrade to a safer motor vehicle, then don’t delay. Road traffic crashes do happen, and the best you can do is to protect yourself. Driving sensibly with due attention to the road conditions, and distance between yourself and other drivers will help to reduce your likelihood of road traffic accidents. However, even with the best driving skills in the world, accidents do happen, and a car with a higher safety rating will be more likely to keep you safe in the event of a motor vehicle traffic accident. Take the hassle out of selling your car, with the team at Sell Your Car 2 Jack. Simply contact us with your car details, and we will arrange a viewing, and give you an instant decision and money in your pocket. Our friendly team is ready to buy your car today with no admin fees, simply call us on 0121 296 3829