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Driving Test Pass Rates

Research into driving test pass rates makes for some interesting facts when you look at men vs women, practical vs theory, old vs young – the results might not be what you’d expect. 

Passing first time

Nearly 50% of people actually do pass their test first time – the average figure is actually 47.5%. But if you’re in the half that didn’t, don’t despair as 85.8% of people pass within their first three attempts.

Male vs female pass rates

As of 2017 / 2018 the pass rate for a man was 50%, while for a woman it was 43%. However, the figures for theory tests tell a different story with women being approx. 4% more successful.

The best age to pass your test

Surprisingly, it’s the 17-year-old drivers who have some of the highest pass rates. The trend suggests that the older you are, the slimmer your chances of passing. And we thought experience counted!

Top reasons for failing

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency the top ten reasons for failing in 2016 / 2017 were:

  1. Junctions (observation)
  2. Mirrors (change direction)
  3. Control (steering)
  4. Junctions (turning right)
  5. Move off (safely)
  6. Positioning (normal driving)
  7. Move off (control)
  8. Response to signals (traffic lights)
  9. Reverse park (control)
  10. Response to signals (traffic signs)

Location, location, location

Where you take your test can affect your chances of passing. In some parts of London, the average pass rate is as low as 30%, while in remote parts of Scotland it can be as high as 88%! Taking your test can be easier in the countryside as the roads are quieter and more predictable, but those who do pass in the countryside may not be prepared for and experienced in driving in busy towns and cities.

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