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Road Tax Changes 1st October 2014

The paper tax disc as we know it is set to vanish as the DVLA road tax system goes digital.

Road Tax Changes

Hello all, just thought I’d release a blog about the changes to the road tax system next week. Apparently 1/2 the countries population do not know about this, so please read on to find out what is changing.

As of the 1st October 2014, drivers can put their paper road tax disc in the bin. Instead of the perforated paper circle there will be an electronic road tax database that will keep track on who has paid, and those who haven’t face a fine of up to £1000.

Here’s a DVLA summarising things if you don’t fancy the read:


Buying a vehicle

As of 1st October 2014, when you buy a vehicle, the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the vehicle. The tax stays with the driver not the vehicle. You will need to get new vehicle tax before you can drive it away.

You can tax the vehicle using the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) part of the registration document online or by using an automated phone device – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0300 123 4321. It’s worth putting that phone number in you contact list in case you need to tax a car quickly. You can still do it the old fashioned way and visit your local Post Office® branch.



Selling a vehicle

From 1st October 2014, vehicle tax is non-transferable, so you cannot include any remaining tax in the deal when selling a vehicle. Once you sell a vehicle and notify the DVLA of the keeper change you will automatically receive a refund for any full calendar months left of road tax. The refund will be sent to the current registered keepers details on DVLA records, so make sure these details are correct.


Vehicle tax refunds

You used to have to complete a form to redeem outstanding months of tax – not any more! DVLA will automatically issue a refund to the when the registered keeper notify them that the:

  • vehicle has been sold or transferred
  • vehicle has been scrapped or exported
  • vehicle has been removed from the road and it has been registered S.O.R.N


Paying vehicle tax by direct debit

From 1st October 2014, Direct Debit will be offered as an additional way to pay for vehicle tax, this will be available for people who need to tax their vehicle from 1st November. You have the option of:

  • annually
  • 6 monthly
  • monthly (12 months tax paid split on a monthly basis)

Direct Debit payments will automatically be taken provided there is a current MOT in place at the point of tax renewal. The Direct Debit will automatically be cancelled and payments automatically stopped when you notify the DVLA you no longer have the vehicle, or its has been S.O.R.N off the road.

Please share this with your friends and family and notify them of these changes.

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Jack 🙂

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