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Have You Tried These Genius Car Hacks To Help You Survive The Winter?

Word help on snow covered carIt’s that time of the year when people wake up to find their weather app reading negative degrees! During winter it is not unusual to find your car’s windshield covered with ice or door unable to open because of frozen ice. Many people vow to be prepared for all the challenges winter presents, only to forget about their cars.

Here are 7 clever car hacks that will help you survive this winter.

1. Spare socks in your glove box

 This is a trick that many people swear by, but then forget to implement. Keeping some spare socks is always useful in cases where you will need covers for your windshield wipers. Better still, you can put them over your shoes for better traction in cases where your car needs a little push over ice.

2.Hand sanitizer to open icy doors

Yes, hand sanitizer can prove very helpful when opening your car doors if they are frozen shut. Just grab some of it and rub on your keys to open the doors with no problem. The trick here is that the alcohol found in the sanitizer breaks the ice, allowing smooth operation.

3. Credit card to scrape ice

Is your windshield covered with sticky ice? Here’s what to do: take out your credit card, use the edge to move it upwards and break the ice off the windshield. Although this is a clever tip you should consider, do not use a lot of force, especially where the ice is thick.

4. Toothpaste for headlights

During winter, it’s natural that your headlights may lose their clear visibility. Now this is where toothpaste and some warm water can prove to come in handy. Cover the headlights with some toothpaste, rinsing it off using warm water. That’s simple!

5. Cooking spray for door freezing

During these extreme temperatures, your car doors may freeze together, making it hard to open. Cooking spray can come to your rescue, if applied correctly. Spray it over the parts where your car doors open, ensuring that most of it go into the cracks.

6. A plastic bag for your side mirror

This may seem like a simple hack, but it is extremely helpful during winter. Wrapping your side mirrors with plastic bags prevents them from icing over or fogging up. Better still, moisture will not accumulate on your mirrors and make it difficult to see as you drive.

7. A penny for tyre treads

The tyres happen to be one of the most important parts you need to check during winter. Check the treads and ensure that they are deep enough using a penny. The trick here is that the treads have to cover half or more of the penny. If they don’t, it is time to replace your tires.

That’s it! These are some of the many car hacks you need to keep in mind this winter for safe driving. Neglect them and you will not have peace of mind when on the road.

Comment below if you have tried and tested any of these out or if you have any car hacks of your own!

We would love to hear from you!

Jack 🙂

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