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Hello world… sellyourcar2jack.com first blog

Jack With Smart CarHello world!

Sellyourcar2jack.com will now be blogging on a regular basis to help us connect with customers, business’ and other interesting people on a social level.

After doing a little research about blogging apparently the first one is always the hardest, not because you don’t have anything to say, the opposite actually’ you have a lot to say but have no clue where to start… this couldn’t be more true!

Well firstly, so you know who is behind the blogging, the picture attached is me (Jack) with my little gem of a smart car, £20 fills the tank and you wouldn’t believe the amount of business it creates, however I don’t recommend a long journey in it or plus 60mph – that’s not a ‘smart’ move!

I own the Midlands based company sellyourcar2jack.com, which is the quick and easy way to sell your car. You simply log on, enter your registration, fill out a few simple questions and I get back to you within 24 hours with a price I will pay for your car (with no admin fee’s). I started the business in June 2012 and in just over that 12 month period has bought over 400 private cars, which averages just over 1 per day. After 12 months of going live, we have updated our website and social networking tools with the goal of having a larger online presence.

I intend to blog at least twice a month, maybe more, speaking about all different topics that hopefully my readers will find interesting and helpful. Articles from getting the most money for your car, how to sell your car and negotiating tips when buying a new car to industry trends, funny stories/pictures and keeping up-to-date with current changes and driver’s information.

As an industry professional I can provide a lot of useful information that my customers/readers will be sure to benefit from. At the bottom of each blog there is a comment box, if any of you have any questions or want me to address any subjects just drop a line in the comment box below. I will either respond directly after your post or if it’s a more in depth subject I will reply in the form of a blog to give as much relevant information as possible. I wish to interact with everyone, as you my readers, are potentially our future customers, and the best form of marketing is always word of mouth, testimonials and past experiences.

We have Twitter, Facebook and Google + so please connect with us and if you find my blogs interesting please share these through your social networks.

Thank you, and welcome…

Jack 🙂

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