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How to Maintain a Vehicle You Don’t Use Often During Covid-19

Performing maintenance on your vehicle is essential all year round but what about if you’re not using your vehicle during this lock down period? It may seem like you can just lock up your car for a few months and just turn it back on when you’re ready, but that isn’t always the case. If you are going to be storing your vehicle for a month or more, you may want to consider the following tips from the sellyourcar2jack team.

Clean It

Start by cleaning your vehicle thoroughly inside and out, make sure to remove all heavy debris especially tree sap and bird deposits which can really damage your paint. Polishing and waxing the outside will help protect your paint. Once clean you can consider looking at car covers to protect your hard work however just keeping on top or removing debris from the cars paint work will also be sufficient.

Get a Full Tank of Fuel

It’s important to fill your cars fuel tank if it isn’t going to be used for longer than 30 days. This helps prevent moisture from building up in the tank and causing you problems when you go to use the car again. The life of standard fuels is only about three months, but you can add a fuel stabiliser to the tank which may help keep the fuel lines and engine from corroding.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

The outside temperatures can cause your tyres to lose pressure, if this happens you risk cracked tyres but also if you need to suddenly use the car in an emergency you want your tyres ready for a journey.  Make sure you inflate your tyres to the recommended air pressure, but do not exceed the maximum. You will need to check your tyres periodically every few weeks but most importantly before your first journey.

Top Up All Fluids

Ensure all your fluids in the car are all at maximum such as brake fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid (if applicable) and windscreen washer fluid. Ensure you use the correct products for your vehicle, and they contain anti-freeze additives where needed. This will protect the components of your car but again also ensure you’re ready for any vital unexpected journey’s. 


Protect the Battery

One of the most important components of a car to function is the battery. The cars battery will eventually lose its charge if it isn’t driven at least every few weeks as there are constant drains on the battery such as the alarm. Don’t get worried though, you don’t have to drive the car to maintain the battery. You can get what is called trickle charger which has an automatic shut-off feature to stop charging the battery when it is full. The battery can remain in the vehicle when it is being charged just ensure all lead are weatherproof. There is nothing worse than getting in a car and it doesn’t start due to a simple flat battery.

When Taking the Car Out of Storage

When you are ready to use the car, it is advisable to go through the above list again and check nothing has leaked etc. Don’t forget to remove the battery charger before you go to drive your car! Other things you can check are the following; chewed belts, hoses, wires or nests, which can be evidence of rodent damage and don’t forget to check your windscreen wipers to see if the rubber has cracked if the weather has been cold.

We hope to be buying your well-maintained car in the near future.

Stay safe!

The sellyourcar2jack team

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