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How To Save Money on Fuel By Making Your Car More Efficient

Improving your fuel economy…ahh, I love this subject because I really enjoy being able to give people tips on how to save money on anything to do with their car.

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Being able to save money on your fuel isn’t that hard either, you just need to be more mindful of where you can make a few tweaks here and there and then that’s extra money that you can put towards your Lamborghini down the track 😉

So with that being said, here are 7 tips that you can easily implement to save you hundreds of pounds each year…

1. Keep your tyres inflated

Ensuring your tyres are fully inflated to the correct pressure can mean a fuel efficiency improvement of as much as 3.3 %! Your car will have less drag and will need less oomph to keep it moving!

2. Declutter your car

Everyone (including myself) is guilty of having clutter in their car. That’s extra weight and therefore extra fuel. Let’s face it…the golf clubs that live in the boot of your car just in case you stumble across a course that you want to play on a whim or the walking boots that are thrown on the back seat are really just a) making your car messy and b) wasting fuel.

Chuck ‘em out and keep your car junk free – this can improve fuel efficiency of up to 2%!

3. Take your roof rack off

Again along the lines of “stuff” in your car that you don’t need – a roof rack (even unused) adds resistance and increases the drag so your car has to work harder. This is my favourite fact of all – the RAC estimates that a roof rack on a car can affect fuel consumption by a whopping 10%!!

4. Wind your windows up

This can be tough on a hot day but this is another thing that can cause drag on the car and forces the engine to work harder and therefore chomp away at your fuel. On the motorway especially, this can decrease your fuel economy by 10%. If you have a roof rack on AND windows down then you can pretty much kiss goodbye to your petrol.

5. S-L-O-W D-O-W-N

For all you wanna be racers out there – going fast is tempting but it’s only costing you money. If you can slow down even slightly and go 60mph for example instead of 70mph then you can save yourself 2-4 miles per gallon of fuel.

6. Don’t fill up fully

Fuel is heavy and having too much fuel in your car can actually cost you more in fuel than if you only had a partially filled up tank. Ironic really! The less fuel your car has in it, the more efficiently it drives. Fill up more frequently but put less in (only ½ a tank) and this could see you improving your fuel efficiency of up to 1%. Every little counts…

7. Turn off aircon at low speeds

Air conditioning is literally a fuel thief as I am sure you are aware. Turn it off unless you really need it.

Although this may appear to contradict what we said earlier – it is better to have your windows down at lower speeds than have the aircon on, however on the motorway opt for the aircon and keep your windows up.

This tip can see your fuel efficiency improving again up to 10%.

There you have it – even if you can just implement one of these things then you will save yourself a fair bit of money!

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