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Selling a car in Birmingham

Your faithful 4 wheeled companion has clocked up the miles and now it’s time to trade it in. Understandably, you want to get as much cash for your car as possible – we don’t blame you.

What are your options for selling a car in Birmingham?

You have a few choices…

You can sell the car yourself, trade your car in part exchange or you can find your local trusted car buyer in the Birmingham area. First of all, before your sell your car, have a read of this blog on the pro’s and cons of the different ways you can sell your used car.

Choosing The Best Car buyers

Car sellers in Birmingham and across the UK often find that they just want to sell their car quickly, without hassle and obtain as much cash back for their car as possible. If this is the case and you don’t have time to try and sell privately then find a car buying service in Birmingham but do your research first.

We can’t stress this enough. Make sure you thoroughly read reviews too to ensure you’re making the right decision before you go ahead and sell your car.

But if you’re not really into doing the necessary groundwork and you just simply want to find a trusted, reliable source to supply you with a quote for your vehicle in Birmingham and take care of all the work – then you can give us a buzz or get a valuation today for your car.

We at Sell Your Car 2 Jack have two offices based in the Midlands if you are looking to sell a car in Birmingham. One office is based in Hampton In Arden, Solihull and the other is based in Redditch.

We buy cars from an array of different people, men, women, old, young and all sorts of cars, as long as you’re in the Birmingham area. Here are some of our lovely customers that we’ve bought cars from this month in Birmingham:

Andy Waters

Mr Andy Waters from Waters Restaurant Resorts World Birmingham used Jack to sell his BMW 630 Sport Convertible in our Redditch branch.

No hassle, no haggling and we gave exactly what we offered online.

sell bmw in birmingham


Paul Robinson

Birmingham City Player Paul Robinson was looking to sell his car and came to us after we were highly recommended by another BCFC player.

Paul wanted to buy a new Tesla and was considering part exchanging his Mercedes for one. After doing his research, Paul came to us to sell his car because we offered more money for his car than Tesla did for part exchanging.

This is a huge reason we always tell our customers to do their research and shop around because part exchanging your car is often not the best way to go.

selling mercedes birmingham


Jean Morris

Mrs Jean Morris sold her little RENAULT Clio automatic to us.

Recommended by a friend and she also lives just around the corner from us. She did her research on selling her car to other Birmingham car buyers but found that we offered the best price.

sell clio birmingham


If you are looking at selling your car in Birmingham, we just want to reiterate, make sure you do your research and read up on reviews and what other people have to say about different companies first.

We hope that’s useful. If you have any questions, please give us a shout!



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