How Jack beat WeBuyAnyCar by £1700

Robert Lakin-Hall, owner of Elite Windows in Solihull recently had his beautiful Jaguar XF Portfolio to sell.

He didn’t want the hassle of a private sale, and had his eye on a new BMW X6 for sale in Bradford.

Due to the sheer marketing power of Webuyanycar, they were his first choice to do an online valuation and get an appointment booked in. He was offered £10,265 via an online quote from WeBuyAnyCar, and was happy with around the £10k mark so went ahead and booked his appointment.

Well, here’s what happened next…

They scrutinised his car for the tiniest blemishes and minor age related marks and offered him a huge drop to £8300 + the admin fee of £75, which bought it down to £8225. That’s a £2000+ difference between what they said they would pay online and what the ACTUAL offer was. Rob was disgusted with them and was extremely annoyed at the time they had wasted and the false offer they sent online.

As expected he quickly left WBAC.

After speaking with a close friend about his experience, they suggested using Sell Your Car 2 Jack as they have used us before and couldn’t recommend us enough.

Rob gave us a call and we offered £10,000 for his Jaguar, to which he sounded happy with.

He booked in that same day, and guess what? We gave him £10,000 for it – it was a superb looking vehicle with only minor signs of wear and tear as expected on a car with 75,000 miles.

We have written this blog, as we are up against the large corporate companies every day – although they may “seem” to offer more online, what they actually offer can be very different. We prefer to to give a price we are willing to stand by. We are always very fair with our valuations and try and give you the best experience possible when selling your car.

Word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations are the core of our business and we want you to leave happy and tell friends and family about our brand.

Another customer of ours Sam, came in to sell his car on behalf of his partner.

Sam and has partner have just ordered a new Mercedes Benz which they are leasing, so they had to sell their Peugeot themselves.

Leasing a new car means that they couldn’t part exchange their old car as this option is not possible, therefore they needed a quick, hassle free sale.

Sam chose to sell his car to Jack because he saw our 5 star reviews and many of the kind words our customers say about our services. They wanted someone they could trust and had also seen a testimonial from a customer of ours who he recognised.

Here’s what Sam had to say about us…

Jacks review 5 star

Why not try a different car buying company?

Of course many people might be put off from their first experience with a car buying service. It can leave you thinking there aren’t any selling your car alternatives and that you have to go down the more traditional routes of selling your car privately or part exchange at a car dealers. Selling your car 2 Jack is simple, quick and easy and these are the main reasons our customers decide to use our services.

  1. Honest, Fair and Trusted.
  2. Instant payment via bank transfer
  3. 100% recommendation record
  4. FREE – no admin fees or charges

We really do buy any car

We Buy Any Car, seriously ANY CAR!

It’s true. Don’t think your car is no longer worth anything, except scrap. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your car is worth when you use our free valuation. We think you’ll be even happier with our payment process, as will your bank account! In some instances, we can even arrange collection with our free car collection service.

So if you’re thinking of selling your car, see what we will pay for it by entering your details in the yellow boxes!