Selling your car when you have outstanding car finance

Don’t let the fact that you may still have some outstanding finance on your car put you off selling it. It’s really easy and hassle-free to sell your car to us, whether you own it or are still paying it off on a finance agreement.

Why should I sell my car when I’m still paying it off?

There are lots of reasons people sell their cars to us even though they are still paying them off, such as – they just fancy a different car; they want to buy something outright and stop paying interest; or they want to reduce their monthly payments and get something cheaper.

How does it work?

  1. Contact your car finance company and request your settlement figure, in writing or email. Due to data protection laws this is something you will have to do. If you haven’t got it in writing, we can call them with you present in our office. You will need to go through data protection and then we can obtain the settlement figure and validation expiry.
  2. Once we have the settlement figure, we will pay the finance immediately and pay you the difference if we value your car more than the finance settlement. If the car is valued by us less than the settlement figure, you will have to pay us the shortfall first via bank transfer or credit/debit card and then we would settle the finance in full including your contribution.

Still don’t understand?

Sometimes, this can sound confusing but it really is very simple. Feel free to call us on 0121 296 3829 and we can talk you through the process.

Benefits of selling my financed car 2 Jack

You’ll save money by paying off your car finance early as you’ll stop paying the interest and you’ll also be due a rebate of interest payments. Make sure you get your rebate first before the finance is settled – your car finance company will be able to help you with this.

When you sell your car to us before the end of the finance period, you’ll get more money for it than if you wait.

You’ll find us helpful, friendly and knowledgeable – we can guide you through the whole process so you’re completely sure what you’re doing. We offer a really quick and easy approach to buying your car, with competitive prices – in fact we usually offer more than the large online car buying companies after appraisal. So just contact Sell Your Car 2 Jack today for your free, no-obligation valuation and to see how we can help you sell your financed car.