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Petrol vs. Diesel Cars – What should I buy?


Petrol Vs. Diesel Cars – The truth.



Thinking of buying a new car and don’t know whether to buy diesel or petrol? It used to be an easy decision, but now with diesel costing on average 6p more than petrol there are some interesting figures to think about before you make your choice.

Choosing a used petrol car is likely to be much more cost effective than the equivalent diesel model, sellyourcar2jack.com takes a closer look.


Petrol cars are normally cheaper than their diesel counterparts but the diesel uses less fuel. On this basis, the greater number of miles you drive, the more likely you are to save money with a diesel.


Fuel considerations when buying a used car

Diesel is currently more expensive than petrol in the UK, therefore the wider the price gap, the longer it will take diesel drivers to recoup their extra initial expenditure. New research from usedcarexpert.co.uk shows that opting for a petrol car is likely to be much more cost effective than the equivalent diesel, even if there is a significant gap in fuel efficiency.


Why petrol is a better buy?

First up there is the purchase price. In this example we use a used Ford Focus 105 Zetec 1.6 litre, which costs £8,000 while the diesel is 10% more expensive at £8,850.

So, what we need to know is how long it would take to make up the £850 difference. However this really depends on how miles the driver covers each year.

The UK average is around 8,000 miles per year, according to the latest Department for Transport figures. For the petrol Focus doing 48mpg, this would result in a fuel bill of £1,015 in the first 12 months, compared with £790 for the more efficient 64mpg diesel model. (Based on petrol 134p & 139p for diesel).


No savings until year 3

Take into account the fact that the diesel car’s annual vehicle tax would be £100 cheaper due to it’s lower emissions and this means it costs £325 less to run than the petro model in the 1st year. But this saving doesn’t offset the diesel car’s higher price tag.

This means the petro driver is £529 up in the first year and still £204 after 2 years. It takes until the end of the 3rd year for the diesel to be justified as the cheaper choice.


Higher mileage drivers will save with diesel

A diesel driver who covers 12,000 miles a year, however, would save almost £440 on running costs in the first year, and offset the £850 higher price tag in year 2. If you cover more than average mileage, diesel is the choice for you.



Used Car Expert has conducted this research on most popular makes and models. They found in the majority of model ranges, petrol-engine cars are noticeably cheaper than their diesel equivalents, and despite giving away 10-20 mpg are still the better buy for many motorists.

Only motorists who keep their car longer than 3 years or do very high mileage win with diesel cars in the current market.


I hope you find this information useful, and it may change your mentality on diesel cars. If you want to sell your current car remember to come to sellyourcar2jack.com first for a quick, easy and hassle free process.

Please like and share this blog with your friends, as a lot of people won’t know that petrol is usually the better choice.


Jack 🙂




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