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Sell your convertible today… its HOT!

Summer is finally here – Time to sell your convertible quick quick!


Well according to The Daily Mail this is the hottest July we’ve had in 7 years.

Let’s hope your tan lines look better than these guys.

So the sun is shining, well it is at the point of writing this blog which means 1 thing: it’s convertible time. The UK’s love affair with convertible cars is showing no signs of slowing down. Brit’s still love their convertibles , despite being covered with a blanket of cloud for most of the summer months the Uk is the second biggest buyer of convertibles in the world, based on capita statistics. From 28.7 million cars registered in the UK in total, about 900,000 are convertibles.

So you may think this is a brilliant time to get the roof off, but in reality if you are looking to sell your convertible, now is the time to sell it. Everyone wants to buy a soft top in the warm weather and of course you want to drive yours, but think clever and you could get up to £1000+ more for it now than you would at the end of August or even at the end of this heat wave, which I’m sure won’t last too long based on our summertime track record.


It’s simple supply and demand, in the fact that more people want to buy convertibles than are selling therefore it pushes the price up… similarly when the snow falls in the winter the same thing happens to 4×4 cars as everyone wants one (so keep your 4×4 people until the winter months). So don’t put it off get selling today, and when the rain comes, and it will, you’ll be the ones smirking at the people in their convertible car with roof up 🙂

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