Sellers story of the month

Selling your car when you have outstanding car finance

Don’t let the fact that you may still have some outstanding finance on your car put you off selling it. It’s really easy and hassle-free to sell your car to us, whether you own it or are still paying it off on a finance agreement.

Unsung heroes: Jack buys little retro Metro

Last month this 21 year old Rover Metro 114 was bought out of our Redditch Branch. Now this little gem isn’t a car you see very often anymore, even though they once littered the streets of blighty!
Roger sold his defender to Jack

Why we gave Roger more money for his car than when he bought it brand new.

This is definitely our #sellerstory of the month and one of our favourites – being from Solihull and having a soft spot for Land Rover!
Jack and Paul Robinson

Why BCFC player Paul Robinson sold his car 2 Jack

One of our favourite #sellerstories this year… …when Blues player, Paul Robinson, sold his Mercedes GL350 to us. Paul came to us after we were highly recommended by another BCFC player…nothing to do with the fact that we’re big fans of blue!!
How to sell my car online

Why Joanna & David Chose Us Over Competitors

Why do car buying services always give you a high valuation and then slash £’s off when you physically take your car in to see them?