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#Sellerstory Why James was over the moon with his car sale

James Shields just sold his car to jack.

James first came to us with his car and there were brake pad warning signs, a handbrake fault and he only had a partial service history for the car.

We appraised the car fairly and gave him a price.

He then asked us if he was able to go away and do the work to the car himself and if he was able to track down the service history off the previous customer, would the price increase?

We said of course, so he went off, paid for the faults to be rectified and managed to locate a full service history.

We then gave him a much higher offer which he was over the moon with.

This is another example of us being fair, and trying to do the best we can for our customers.

Here’s James’ 5 star review of our services:

“Sold my car to Jack today. Over the moon, agreed a price yesterday but today he gave me MORE money because I’d found some history for the car. Didn’t expect that at all and doubt any other car buyers would have done that after agreeing a sale. Money was in my bank within an hour. I could have tried to get more selling it privately but with all the car jacking going on in the area, this not only saved me hassle, it’s also a lot safer. Will definitely give them a try in the future. Cheers Jack and the team ;-)”

It’s important to note that when you sell your car (whether that be to us or any other car buying company) it’s really important that we have some key pieces of information from you to enable us to value your car to the best of our ability.

This includes things like registration, mileage, number of owners, service history and MOT history.

Having a service history of the car is vital for understanding how well the car has been looked after. Service history is simply a document or collection of documents providing information on repairs and maintenance. A car should be serviced (oil and filter changes) annually or every 10-12000 miles – depending on which comes first.

Without documentation of this we must assume that the car has not been serviced.

Another important piece of information we need is the MOT history.

This is different to service history but people often get them confused. An MOT must be carried out every year by law. This is to ensure that the car is roadworthy and safe to drive. Failure to complete an MOT means that the car is not eligible to be driven.

Also, a failed MOT means that the car should not be on the road. The MOT will flag, if applicable, any work that needs carrying out either immediately or as an advisory and must be rectified promptly.

Luckily in James’s case, he was able to locate the missing documentation for the car which enabled us to value the car based on correct information and therefore we were able to give him more cash for his car.

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