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Selling a company car?

If you’re looking to sell a company car – or several in one go – but are unsure as to the best way to go about it, we’re here to help. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to sell vehicles privately as you’ll have to deal with lots of enquiries and lots of time-wasters. And you’ll have to factor in the advertising costs. Also consider the fact that it takes on average 34 days to sell a car privately. So, if you want to release the equity in the car quickly, this is not a great solution.

At Sell Your Car 2 Jack we offer a fast and easy way to sell your company cars, offering you best and fairest price with immediate payment so you can release the equity quickly and invest it elsewhere.

How to sell to us

All you need to do is enter the vehicle registration details on our website and we’ll come back with a valuation within 24 hours. Our valuations aren’t automated – they’re personalised, based on our market-leading evaluation systems and the experience of our specialist car buying team.

Then we make an appointment to check the car and once you accept the valuation, the cash is immediately transferred – which can take as little as 20 minutes – leaving you free to carry on with your business.

Why sell to us?

We offer competitive prices, using the latest market information and software, and we often pay more than other car buying companies. Customers also love the fact that we don’t have any hidden admin or bank transfer charges, unlike many other companies.

Getting the best price

To make sure you get the best price for your company cars, it’s worth making sure your vehicles are well looked after and regularly serviced. It’s also worth considering when to sell – cars typically depreciate the most after 3 years or 30,000 miles so selling before this point will get you the best deal.

Contact Sell Your Car 2 Jack today for your free, no-obligation valuation.

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