Should I buy a second hand electric car?

nissan leaf second hand ev charging

76% of people say yes!

Fears over battery life, and distrust of new technology, have historically put people off buying a second hand electric car. But as more and more manufacturers enter the electric car market, from high-end, high-performance Jaguars, to fun city Fiats, consumers are becoming more trusting of buying a used electric car. Indeed 76% of people would consider buying a used electric car, compared to a mere 45% who would buy a used smartphone. Consumers are also making more environmentally conscious decisions with their lifestyle and purchasing, and the rise in the popularity of the used electric vehicle reflects this growing movement.

The growing popularity of second hand electric cars

When only a handful of electric vehicles were available on the second hand market such as the Nissan Leaf or the Renault Zoe, and there were horror stories about battery life and charging issues, electric cars seemed out of reach of the majority of the public. However, today more and more businesses are purchasing new electric cars, which in turn creates more used EV models. Lots of people have an allegiance to a particular car manufacturer and this restricted choice when electric cars were only manufactured by a few companies. Now nearly every major car manufacturer has an electric car in their range if not more than one. This has impacted the second hand electric car market, as there are now a good range of different makes and models of electric vehicles available to suit all tastes and budgets. The more second hand electric cars that are available, the more it encourages people to buy them. The more people buy a used electric car, the more this increases the demand.

Why should you buy a second hand electric car?

Electric cars are becoming far more popular, and it is easy to see why. One of the main barriers to going electric was range anxiety. However, new technology has dramatically increased the range of electric cars, with top brands such as Tesla and Mercedes topping the 400 miles mark, and range anxiety is now a thing of the past. Charging also has become less of an issue with buying a used electric car. New houses with driveways are fitted with a home charging point for electric cars as standard, and there are many opportunities to charge your electric vehicle out and about, from shopping centres, and service stations to workplaces. As many businesses are choosing to use new electric cars for their company or fleet vehicles instead of traditional petrol or diesel cars, there are more used electric cars on the market. If you are looking for a second hand electric car there are a great range to choose from. Although electric cars can be more expensive to buy than petrol and diesel cars, the running costs of an electric car are substantially lower. Not only is it cheaper to charge your electric car, than fill the tank of your petrol or diesel car, but servicing costs of most electric cars are around 30% lower. This is due to the simple construction of an electric vehicle, with fewer moving parts, and less to need replacing. Insurance costs can also be lower for electric vehicles, and you will save money on road tax.

What to look out for when buying a used electric car

Obviously buying any second hand car needs careful consideration, and buying a used electric car is no different. The main areas to consider when buying a used electric car are the battery health and the brakes. Battery health in electric cars has been an issue, but the technology has improved immensely and the batteries are now much more reliable. Many manufacturers of electric vehicles offer a separate battery warranty from the electric car warranty, and the industry standard for this is around eight years. Make sure that your second hand electric car has a battery warranty with it. Electric cars use regenerative braking, which improves efficiency, however, it does mean that the rear brakes are often underused, and they can seize up. Other than those key points check a second hand electric car in the same way that you would any other second hand car. Carry out a good visual inspection, look at the service history, take it for a test drive, check it has all the charging cables, and listen for any unusual noises. An electric car with lots of scratches and marks will have not been well looked after, an electric car that looks well-maintained and cared for is more likely to be in good order. Always seek the advice of a trusted professional if you are unsure about the condition of the second hand electric car that you are considering buying.

Should I sell or part-exchange my old car?

So, you have done your research into electric cars, maybe even chosen the make and model of electric vehicle that would suit you and your lifestyle best. But what to do with your old petrol or diesel vehicle? You could try and sell your petrol or diesel car in a private sale, but this can be time-consuming and often unsuccessful. Some main dealers do take petrol and diesel cars as part-exchanges against a used electric car, but the price offered may be low. With us, there is another option. We will buy your old petrol or diesel car for a fair and reflective purchase price, giving you a quick decision, and money in your pocket with no admin fees. This cash in your hand can give you a good deposit towards the purchase price or finance deal for your used electric car.

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Ready to go electric?

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