Taxes, Laws & Regulations

Why March is the best time to buy a new car

March 1st will see a big boost to the car market with many people clamouring to get their hands on a brand new 19 plate car.
Diesel Scrappage Scheme

When should I sell my diesel car?

With the recent news of the UK banning the sale of petrol and diesel by 2040, there’s a lot of uncertainty for the future of existing diesel and petrol cars already in use.
2017 driving changes

Driving Test Changes in 2017: What You Need to Know

It seems like a lifetime ago since we passed our driving tests but this is important information to note (especially if you have friends/family) who haven’t taken their driving tests yet.
Diesel cars scrappage

Will Diesel Drivers Getting Paid to Scrap Their Cars Be The End of Diesel Cars?

Diesel was once a wonder fuel, which is now turning out to be one of the worst chemicals to inhabit our planet.
New penalties driving mobile phone

The New Laws On Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving

The New Laws On Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving THOUSANDS of drivers are caught each year by police after using their mobile phones behind the wheel.