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Tips on selling your used car privately

At some point in time, you’re probably going to decide it’s time to replace your car.

Maybe you need more space for a growing family, or downsizing to a smaller ride as an empty-nester. Or maybe you want to sell off a petrol guzzler for a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

When you’re ready to sell, taking care of a few details can help you get more money for your car. Check out these ways to make your car more appealing to new buyers and to boost the re-sale value.

Clean it inside and out

To make sure that it doesn’t look like a teenagers bedroom on wheels. Although a little more pricey, we recommend a professional valet service as this will save you time and can make a huge difference.

Wash and wax

This sounds obvious to people who routinely clean their cars, but those who don’t may be surprised how well their vehicles clean up and shine.

Make it smell good

Fruit peels make a cheap natural air freshener, but if you’re going for a commercial solution, go for scents like “new car,” “linen,” or, if your car has leather upholstery, “leather.” If you smoke, sprinkle baking soda on your carpets; let it sit overnight, then vacuum.

Check tyre tread

If tread is worn, replace the tyres to increase the sale price of your car. If a buyer is going to have to replace the tyres, you’re more likely to haggle over the asking price.

Scratch and ding repair

If you have scratches, scuffs, or dings, they can be fixed, but a poor job may be worse than leaving them alone. Rubbing compound can often remove surface scratches, but if the scratch goes through the paint, unless you’re an expert, it’s probably best to forget it.

Consider major mechanical work

When you’re trying to sell a car, it may need some major repairs, which, may cost you a little more to fix but it may be worth it depending on the age of your car, mileage, and overall condition. Please note – if your car has a serious defect and is unroadworthy, you could be breaking the law by selling it, if you haven’t described it accurately.

Get a new MOT

If there’s less than three months on the current one consider updating it, as this says a lot about the cars basic condition.


All of these suggestions added together can be a bit time costly but if you’re selling your car privately, will definitely ensure you get a much higher sales price for your car.

This is just the prep that you need to do before advertising and showcasing your car but make sure you research what you need to do when actually selling the car to document the process and ensure you have covered your back.

If you are selling your car to a car buying service then you can simply sell your car as seen and you don’t have to worry about doing any of the above. A professional car buyer will see the true value of your car and won’t care about how it smells or how tidy it is.


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