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Unsung heroes: Jack buys little retro Metro

Last month this 21 year old Rover Metro 114 was bought out of our Redditch Branch.

Retro Metro Sold In Redditch

Now this little gem isn’t a car you see very often anymore, even though they once littered the streets of blighty! This is a 1996 P plate Rover Metro Automatic with only 18,000 miles from new.

The customer who sold it to us says it was his grandma’s car and she bought it from new in 1996, and always kept it garaged.

It was in great condition as it had obviously been well looked after, had low mileage and had a lot of potential due to it being more of a “vintage” car than what we see day to day.

This was a difficult car to value due to its age.

Unfortunately the “state of the art” valuation system we normally use could not give us a price on a car of that age and milage.

It was then down to our experienced team of valuers to get the best price possible for our customer, based on numerous phone calls to classic car dealers, Rover enthusiasts and online forums.

We were not prepared to just chuck any old price at the customer without doing extensive research.

We eventually gave them a price that they were happy with and the car was sold to us in our Redditch Branch.

The difficulty with older cars is that it’s a fine line between a “classic” car and a car that is destined for the scrap yard. Thankfully with this one, we saw some potential due to the genuine low miles and the original British Racing green colour.

Racing green metro

When selling your car, whether that be privately, part exchanging or through a car buying company, it’s important to do your research.

Every single week we are able to beat the price that other companies have offered – even the much bigger corporations.

Here’s one of our more recent stories you can read about how we beat We Buy Any Car by £1700.

Although it didn’t apply in this instance (and we took the time to value the car manually as described above), our valuations are calculated using the most up-to-date software and market evaluation systems. They are based on current market place trends and are updated every month depending on the previous months figures. Together with that and the fact our valuers have many years experience in buying and selling cars you will get a true up to date and accurate valuation. All cars are individually priced, which is the reason why we do not give you an automated response like other websites.

We take the time to research and get the best possible price for your car to you within 24 hours. We always stand by our values of being honest, friendly and trusted so if you are looking to get a valuation for your own car, then simply head to www.sellyourcar2jack.com and fill out your details.

It’s as simple as that!

Another happy customer, and another little story for Sell Your Car 2 Jack.

There you have it, Jack really will buy any car!


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