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Want to sell your car and buy a 4 x 4? Here are the top 5 picks.

Brrr incase you hadn’t noticed, the days are getting colder as winter is creeping upon us. People are starting to swap the convertibles in for the more rugged and frost friendly 4 x 4’s.

We often get asked for advice on the best cars in the market so we are going to give you the top 4 x 4’s for 2016 if you are planning to buy a new car – taking in to consideration cabin space, reliability and price.

On a side note, this season is also the best time of year if you are looking to sell your 4 x 4 because they’re in demand, therefore you’ll get the most cash for your your car. It’s also the best time to buy a convertible in preparation for next summer for the best price possible (because the demand is low!)

Here are the top 4 x 4 picks if you are looking to buy a car (in no order):

Honda CR-V

It’s comfortable, easy to drive as a family hatchback but also has the use of being a four-wheel drive. It has a huge boot and lots of interior space so perfect as a family car. Honda has a great reputation for reliability so is often a great second hand purchase too.

Many of its competitors are more fun to drive, but the Honda is a relaxed motorway cruiser. The only issue with this car is going to be price, as a decent-specification Honda CR-V costs at least £25,000 – and there are some seriously talented alternatives that are considerably cheaper than that.

Nissan X Trail

Practical, dependable and decent value. They are well spec-ced and are definitely a car to consider (even though they’re not always selected as a favourite).

The X-Trail strikes a happy medium between affordable running costs, a versatile and spacious interior, and accomplished on-road dynamics.

Lexus RX

This is a combination of an electric and a petrol so it’s better for the environment with low emissions which is an imperative feature for some. It does make the tax much cheaper with the current car tax laws in comparison to how it will change for 2107. So if you want the benefits of this you should definitely purchase prior to the new changes taking place.

This hybrid also has a great reputation for reliability and little seems to go wrong with them. The biggest change over the previous model is the radical origami styling, which really makes the RX stand out next to rivals like the BMW X5 and Audi Q7.

Mercedes M Class

Good to drive, quiet and very spacious. You can also get a great deal (and there’s a lot of choice) on the used market with one of these 4 x 4’s.

The ML has reached 1.2 million owners since 1997 and is hailed by its maker as the world’s most popular luxury 4×4. Having tested the water for the likes of the BMW X5, Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7, it’s a more important car than many acknowledge. But arguably more important still are the improvements that Mercedes has made to the M-Class over the generations.


For many this ticks most boxes and we rarely hear any bad things said about this 4 x 4. It has huge cabin space, which makes it another very comfortable family car – especially for those longer car journeys.

A negative can be that the latest X5 focuses on offering the qualities that prestige SUV buyers demand: space for the family, a commanding driving position and the sort of plush interior that used to be reserved for luxury cars which takes it away from being an off road 4×4 and some versions don’t even have four-wheel drive.

This is just a quick overview for you on some of the best 4 x 4’s on the market for this winter but it does of course depend on exactly what you are after and what the most important aspects are for you whether it be space, low cost, low emissions etc.

If we can help you with any further advice then please give us a shout, always happy to help.



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