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Dealer secrets: the truth about what a car really costs to repair

So you have kept your car in great condition and you expect to get a top trade valuation in return when taking it to your nearest car buyer. There are a couple of scratches on the paintwork and a scuff on the bumper and all of a sudden £100’s if not £1000’s have been knocked off the price just from the dealer having a quick finger in the air guesstimate.

Very frustrating indeed and when you are just looking for a quick and hassle free sale you are bent over a barrel with no other option.

So what should repairs really cost?

We’ll let you in on a little (yet obvious) secret… Don’t get your car repaired before selling it to a car buyer because they/we are “in the business” we know the exact cost of repairs and we can often get it done much cheaper.

Our biggest piece of advice however, is make sure you know the cost of any repairs yourself before taking it in to trade or it could cost you hundreds. Car dealers won’t take you for a ride if you know your stuff.

Here are some rough costs of the most common repairs that we see:

Minor smart repair scratch – £50

New standard size tyre – £45

Scuffed corner bumper – £80

Minor dent – £50

Stone chip window – £65

Air con re-gas – £45

Service – £125

MOT – £45

Hopefully this advice has been useful and will save you a few bob when you next decide to sell your car.

Please don’t hesitate to give Jack a call if you want to ask any questions or want to know if you are being ripped off. We will always give you a no obligation, fair and honest appraisal.



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