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When should I sell my diesel car?

With the recent news of the UK banning the sale of petrol and diesel by 2040, there’s a lot of uncertainty for the future of existing diesel and petrol cars already in use.

Whether you’re looking to sell your car in order to make some cash or want you want to purchase a new car, there’s never been a better time to sell your diesel car.

Alongside this, plans are currently in discussion with the Government, as they’re looking to rollout a new scheme which will offer discounts to diesel car owners, to ensure individuals swap their diesel car for a more energy-efficient equivalent. Whilst this is a great idea, the support surrounding electric and hybrid cars is still not as structured as it could be – leaving a massive gap, and leaving a lot of doubt for those trying to sell their diesel cars…

Pairing this current discussion with an influx of scrappage schemes being announced by major car manufacturers, it is very clear that this has huge pressures on diesel car owners to reconsider their selling possibilities.
At Sell Your Car 2 Jack, we want you to make an educated and informed decision when it comes to selling your diesel car, so we’ve looked the great debate when it comes to owning and selling a diesel car.

1. Diesel scrappage schemes

The UK isn’t the only country considering Diesel scrappage schemes, and as we mentioned early, car manufacturers have been under increasing political persuasion to do something about the pollution caused by diesel vehicles. This scheme has been especially pressured in Germany, with the aim of encouraging consumers to purchase vehicles that do not emit as much emissions, therefore being more socially responsible, and acceptable.

For example, Volkswagen introduced an incentive on their diesel car scheme. They give discounts of up to £6,000 when consumers trade in their diesel vehicle for a new hybrid or electric car.

Alongside this, BMW started a roll-out of scrappage schemes and announced its Lower Emissions Allowance Initiative. This is a trade-in scheme offering drivers of Euro 4 and older diesels a £2,000 discount when they trade in and upgrade to a new Euro-6 compliant vehicle, and all new BMW and MINI cars with emissions under 130g/km will be available with the discount until the end of the year.

2. The Road Tax on Diesel Cars

From April 2019, owners of diesel cars will see a huge increase in the road tax they’re expected to pay. This is because an ultra low-emission zone will come into force in London forcing diesel drivers to pay a £24-a-day charge.

Alongside this, diesel car owners across the UK are faced with ”toxin tax”. This is a charge of up to £20-a-day in other built-up areas in Britain.

Pair this with the diesel scrappage plans and automanufacturers promising to only manufacture electric and hybrid models, it could be argued that upgrading to greener technology is slowly forcing diesel from our lives.

This suggests that selling your car sooner rather than later could save you some extra cash…

When should I sell my diesel car?

If you’re just looking to sell your diesel car for some extra cash, then you should sell it when you want. If you’re in no rush, you could choose to wait for the Government’s scrappage scheme to be rolled out.

However, with no firm commitment to the scheme, or promise that drivers will receive up to £2,000 to scrap their diesel vehicle, it could be argued that waiting may not be as beneficial.

Theoretically this scheme could work, but when it is put into practice, certain elements might change. Alongside this, if you live in a congested area with the increasing road tax, you may end up losing out in tax payments.

It is also important to remember diesel cars are slowly losing value, and owning one is becoming less and less financially viable. It’s easy to see why people are waiting for advice from the Government, but their diesel cars will be decreasing in value the longer they are left.

If you’re looking to find out what your diesel car is worth right now, Jack will give you a free valuation.

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