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Why BCFC player Paul Robinson sold his car 2 Jack

One of our favourite #sellerstories this year…

…when Blues player, Paul Robinson, sold his Mercedes GL350 to us.

Paul came to us after we were highly recommended by another BCFC player…nothing to do with the fact that we’re big fans of blue!!

Paul wanted to buy a new Tesla and was considering part exchanging his Mercedes for one. After doing his research, Paul came to us to sell his car because we offered more money for his car than Tesla did for part exchanging.

This is a huge reason we always tell our customers to do their research and shop around because part exchanging your car is often not the best way to go.

Why not?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of part exchanging your car?

Here are the pros of part exchanging:

The obvious benefit of part exchanging your old car in exchange for a new one is that the value of your old car will be taken off the price of the new car there and then so it appears as if you are not paying as much money for your new car.

This means in one visit to the dealership, you can effectively swap cars (for a price). It is the easiest option to replace one car with another.

It is much less hassle than selling your car privately only because of the time wasters that come and see your car, all of the time spent on advertising and effectively dealing with sales calls and negotiations (which lets face it, no-one likes!)

Part exchange can be particularly useful if you are downsizing to a smaller car (or engine) because this likely means a larger chunk of the cost of a new car will be taken out by your older model.

What are the cons of part exchanging?

While the above pros all seem quite tempting and straight forward, the biggest negative of part ex is the price. You will never get as much money for your old car by part exchanging it as you would by selling your old car separately (even if you sell it to a car buying service and not online yourself)

It also means two sets of negotiation are needed – one for the part-exchanged car and one for the new car.

Please do your research and shop around before you decide to part exchange your car like Paul did… and he was a very happy customer once he has sold his car to us.

Here’s what Paul had to say about SYC2J:

Paul Robinson sold his car 2 Jack

You never know…we may have the whole squad in soon selling their cars to us!! 🤣💪🏼

We’ve written a more detailed article on the advantages and disadvantages of part exchanging your car which you may find useful too.

Click here to read the full article as you, like Paul, could save yourself a lot of money by selling your car separately whether that be yourself or through a car buying service.

We hope you’ve found this interesting and useful.



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