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Why Should I Sell My Car 2 Jack?

We don’t want to sit here blowing our own trumpet and that’s not what this blog is about, however we do often get asked the question, “How do you compare with other car buying services and why am I better off using Jack to sell my car?”

…So we thought we would address this FAQ.

Obviously this question comes when we have given the customer a quote for their car…once they have used our services, they have an understanding of the differences in our services for themselves.

We like to see ourselves as the John Lewis of the car-buying world and believe we have very similar values.

Here are our 5 company values that we feel set us apart:


One of the biggest things in the car buying world that really grinds our gears (excuse the pun) are the big car businesses who give our industry a bad reputation. They give a hugely inflated price online to suck you in, and then when you go in to have a final inspection and are ready to exchange your car for cash, they completely undercut you and offer you much less.

They practically look over the car with a microscope knocking the price down for any minor blemish or nick.

Jack often gives exactly the price offered online, however we cannot promise this as we haven’t seen the vehicle. What we are is FAIR on our appraisal and do not over charge on minor repairs, so the figure for the repair costs will be the figure it would cost us “trade” to repair, which would be considerably less than you could get it done for yourself.

Here’s a chart to show you a recent customers experience with 4 different car buying sites, including ours. Please beware of this and shop around everywhere before you decide to sell.


We have 100% 5* customer service reviews on Trust Pilot, which is an independent review site Jack pays for, so you the customer can read real reviews and one of the words that often pops up is that our customers trust us and that we are honest.

When you choose sellyourcar2jack.com you do actually sell your car 2 Jack. Although there is a team that works behind the scenes, Jack is the one who values your car, Jack is the one who meets you and Jack is the one who pays you for your car. What a lot of our customers say is they like dealing with someone they feel they know.


This is what it says on the tin really. We always go over and above for our customers to be friendly, helpful and give top advice. Sometimes, we don’t buy the car, as you are never under any obligation – however Jack can provide you with other options and advice on what to do next if we can’t agree a deal.

One important detail to add too, we don’t quite have the free coffee and cake that John Lewis give to their customers but we do make a decent cuppa!


This is like supporting your local butcher, florist or mini market as opposed to the corporate’s. Sellyourcar2jack.com is your local car buyer. He is trusted and because he is not dictated by corporate rules he can offer a much more pleasant experience for you when selling your car. One of Jack’s main supply of business is word of mouth and local recommendation.

Customer Love

Our customers are the most important part of our business and we definitely do not treat you like another number. Jack offers a bespoke service and treats each customer individually and on a case-by-case basis, which you don’t really get with larger corporate companies.

So there you have it. Our values in black and white that we abide by every single day at Sell your Car 2 Jack.com

If you need any advice at all or if you have any feedback for us, then please give us a shout.



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