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Why you should be more careful driving on empty roads during the Covid-19 pandemic


Heavily advertised government dater shows that traffic levels have dropped by a massive 60% since the government introduced social distancing and lockdown measures.

Rush hour traffic is now non existent as people are following the guidelines and staying home, however there are major concerns that lower traffic levels have led to more drivers speeding.



The metropolitan Police caught one driver doing 91 mph in a 50mpg zone on the A12 in east London and another doing 118 mph on a 70 mph stretch of the A13.


Police forces state speeding is one of the ‘fatal four’ causes of road traffic collisions, along with use of a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt and drink driving.

Advice to drivers: slow down, save lives

Exceeding the speed limit at any time is dangerous and illegal. Lower traffic volumes should not be seen as an excuse for drivers to break the speed limit.

NHS capacity

The NHS is dealing with a pandemic which is putting significant pressure on resources and its attention must really be focused on who needs it.


The Police are busy keeping the public safe during this pandemic and enforcing social distancing guidelines and their resources should be focused on that.

Increased Walkers

Most of those will be taking their daily exercise by walking or jogging, In residential areas this means sharing narrow paths. Many will be crossing the road to abode to the 6ft guideline.


A very popular form of daily exercise is a bike ride. You may have noticed the increased amount while out on your essential journey. As a driver you need to be more vigilant than ever.

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