As an independent company we are always compared against our competitors. We understand that you want to get the best price for your car, but also value your time and expect excellent customer service when choosing a company to sell your car to. If you want a hassle free, easy way to sell your car, we promise to do exactly what we say – get a free valuation and let Jack and his team help you through the process of selling your car.

On the surface, our competitors often send a better offer than you receive from us, and of course, when you receive offers hundreds of pounds more than what we’ve sent, these will be very tempting. But as the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it often is! So, we wanted to show you how we work differently to other car buying companies.


Whilst Motorway portray to be a car buying service, they are actually a broker rather than a car buyer. When you get a price from Motorway, what they are showing is the “Estimated Price” they will attempt to achieve rather than a guaranteed price.

After getting your price from Motorway, you’ll often be asked to jump through hoops, such as uploading over 60 photos and giving a detailed description of the cars spec, options and condition – practically writing an advert for a private sale!

Should you come to an agreement with a buyer, you then have to deal with the buyer to sell your car, often at their convenience rather than yours.

At Sell Your Car 2 Jack, we send you a guaranteed price for your car, make an appointment at your convenience and we are the ones actually buy the car.

We Buy Any Car

One of the biggest names in the car buying world is We Buy Any Car.

What we hear time and time again from customers who have visited We Buy Any Car is that the attractive price they send is just a lure to get you through the door.

Simple age related marks that would polish out are put under a microscope and hundreds of pounds taken off the original valuation.

The other thing to be aware of is hidden fees. If after appraisal you decide to sell your car a transaction fee is applied. This fee varies dependant on the final price you receive for your car.

Then what about getting your money? You can get your money for free, if you’re willing to wait 4 working days, so if you sell your car on Thursday, you can have your money next Wednesday!

You can opt to pay to receive your money sooner, by paying for a next working day service, for around £25, or same-day payment for around £30.

At Sell Your Car 2 Jack we know how important it is to receive the money for your car, so we alway send the money the same day, often before you’ve left the branch, and we don’t charge extra for this. We also don’t have any other fees for our service.

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