Free MOT Check

Check a car’s MOT history with our free MOT check online service below

MOT history check FAQs

Is your free MOT history check completely free? Are there any catches?

Yes its completely free and there are no catches. We don’t ask you to fill in your email address or any other personal details before we present you with the results.

Is the MOT check case sensitive and do I have to put spaces between in the regisitration number?

No, it isn’t case sensitive and you don’t have to put spaces in. However, if you use lower case or put spaces in it will still be able to read the registration number.

Can I use the online free MOT check service only once?

No, you can use it as many times as you wish to do as many MOT checks as you wish. With just a few clicks you can check several vehicles in no time at all!

Will the online MOT check tell me if a car has a valid MOT?

Yes, it will also show you when it has failed as well as when it has passed. So if you see that a car fails previous to a more recent pass you can determine what repairs or alterations had to be carried out for it to then pass a subsequent MOT test. This then gives you an understanding of the severity of the issues that the vehicle failed on and had to be remedied which can perhaps give an insight into how the vehicle has been maintained over its life.

Will it show me the full history of the current MOT status?

You can view the most recent MOT test conducted on a chosen vehicle using the vehicle’s registration number. From this, you can view ‘Expires’ to determine when the next MOT is due and how long is left before a new MOT test will be required.

Can I see the MOT certificate using the MOT vehicle check?

No, we don’t include the basic historical document but we do include as much as info as possible for you to make informed decisions like expiry date, reasons for any MOT failures as well as the vehicle’s MOT history including dates past MOT tests have been undertaken and mileage history. It will even show you advisory notes that can be useful to consider that you might need to consider before the next MOT test is due.

How accurate is your MOT information?

Our data is supplied directly from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency so our data is as accurate as that supplied to it by respective garages to this government agency. Given that this is a legal requirement to be accurately submitted by MOT testing stations when they test a used vehicle we are confident that this is as accurate as it can be.

Does your MOT check cover all vehicles?

We can’t make assurances that all vehicles are covered by our service but we can state that most private UK vehicles are included from the (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) DVSA database that we use. Obviously we can’t say that this is totally exhaustive and doesn’t include commercial and goods vehicles. It will also not cover exceptional circumstances, for instance, car with diplomatic plates etc. In instances where a car doesn’t show up as a result then you may want to pursue this with the DVSA directly (

Does the your MOT check service cover Northern Ireland?

You can get results for vehicles tested in Northern Ireland done since 2017.