Selling a Car with a Private Registration Number

If your car has a private registration plate and you want to sell it then that is no problem. You can also sell your car and keep your precious personalised plate – it just takes a little paperwork.

How to sell my car and keep the personalised number plate?

If you want to sell your car for cash and keep your personalised number plates then let us guide you. When you purchase a new car and want to transfer your private registration onto it then you must make sure the correct paperwork is filled out – you can find that here.

Retaining your private plate?

If you intend to retain your personal number plate for a future new car, then you simply need to transfer the number plate onto a Retention Certificate. You will have to pay some fees to do so. We recommend that you apply to retain the number plate through the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) before selling your car. This retainer process can take up to two weeks, after all!

Other options available to you

Of course, knowing that you have to pay to retain your private number plate that nay have no sentimental value might mean you want to consider other options open. You may want to sell it on it’s own or choose to sell it with the car you’re selling.

Selling car with private plate

Just because your number plate doesn’t mean anything to you, it doesn’t mean that sequence of letters and numbers won’t be valuable to someone else. It’s not just individuals who may be looking for prized number plates. It may also be companies looking for an abbreviation or acronym of their company name to add to one of their fleet vehicles.

Selling the private plate separately

If you don’t want to reassign or retain the registration, a good alternative is to sell it separately from the car. Frequently the value of the plate will gain a higher value than being sold with the vehicle. So it’s certainly an avenue worth exploring. It is well worth doing a little research to determine what the value might be and there are a lot of online valuation sites that can give you a speedy valuation.

Sell your car quickly to Jack

Once you’ve got all of the correct paperwork in place give us a call! Don’t spend anymore time faffing about and trying to sell your car. If you sell your car to a private dealership it can take up to 30 days. At Sell Your Car 2 Jack you won’t have to pay any fees, and you’ll get a free valuation. If you decide to sell your car to us, the money will be in your account within 30 minutes. Get in touch with one of our advisors today.